The SFV Art Book Fair is an initiative focused on fostering relationships between independent publishers, San Fernando Valley-based artists, and the public. In its first iteration, the SFV Art Book Fair lays the foundation for future cultural engagement in the San Fernando Valley- a location readily dismissed by mainstream institutions in Los Angeles. The first ever SFV Art Book Fair will take place this Saturday at the newly opened Naturál art gallery in Van Nuys from 12pm to 7pm.

Some of the best zinesters, publishers, photographers and artists are participating in this milestone of an event such as Hamburger Eyes, PAPERWORK NYC, Valerie J. Bower, Sean Maung, Sleep Talk Press, Kevin Novales, Applesauce Industries, Daniel Lozano aka Kalf Life aka DIY_FTW, Tiny Splendor, Freeways Collide, Christina Mancinas, Frijolera Press, Neta Zine and Ghostwriters. Each artist has their own unique collection of zines or handmade products that continue to push individuals to think beyond the norm. With the new administration at hand one can sense how important it is for DIY Events like this to exist and they are such a vital part of any community. Art as resistance has become an ever growing movement and we’re proud to see Los Angeles at the forefront of this.