What Is L.A. Taco?

Glad you asked!

L.A. TACO is a platform for the city of Los Angeles. We are a source of news and information related to food, culture, and community for the metropolitan area. We are independently owned and operated, by and for L.A., which means we really love this city! We aim to reach readers, journalists, artists, and partners who love Los Angeles, too.

L.A. TACO was founded in late 2006, by its founders’ simple desire to document the things they loved about the city: mostly tacos and street art. Over the years, the site has built a passionate community of readers and contributors who keep the site and its spirit alive, covering music, the food scene, galleries, festivals, and just stuff we like — despite constant downsizing and tumult in the local news market. We also put on special events like Taco Madness.

In 2018, L.A. TACO is relaunching as a news-first platform, led by Editor Daniel Hernandez and Associate Editor Javier Cabral.

Hernandez, Cabral, and everyone in the L.A. TACO family are driven by a sense of urgency for the state of local news in Los Angeles. We’re also driven by a sense of commitment to the city and our neighbors everywhere. This is one of the world’s most diverse, dynamic, innovative, and industrious places. For long-time and newer readers alike, L.A. TACO is your source for honest information to apply to day-to-day affairs in L.A. — and a source, of course, for news about tacos.

So join us! Invest or partner with us, pitch us a story, like us on your socials, and keep checking back for more: L.A. TACO is here for Los Angeles.

* Updated March 2018.