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Smile South Central is a mural movement in South Los Angeles that brings street artists & muralists to an area of Los Angeles that is often overlooked by the city as a whole. Last month I was invited to check out the latest mural being erected on 47th & Main Street in South Central. South African artist Afrika 47 aka Ralph Ziman and L.A. based artist Bisco Smith. Here is description from Smile South Central’s Instagram page about the concept behind this mural:

In 2014 there were 551 homicides in Greater Los Angeles. Guns accounted for 403 of those homicides, or roughly 75% of deaths. All 403 names are written on this wall. Of the 403 gun homicides the numbers break down as follows: *African Americans were the largest group accounting for almost half of the shootings. 182 victims or 45% . *Latinos where the second largest group, 176 deaths or 43% of the total casualties. *Whites at 34 victims or 8% *Asians 11 victims or 3% This wall honors the lives of all 403 victims.