Bourdain Likes Tacos

Contra Costa Times reporter Jenny Slafkosky recently sat down with globe-trotting foodie Anthony Bourdain to discuss his new show in Discovery. The venue: two of the Oakland’s best taco trucks. Here’s what he had to say:

“Bogus Mexican food fills me with rage,” he said, chowing down on a carne asada taco from El Grullo taco truck. “It’s so far removed from what they eat in Mexico but this is the real thing.” When it became apparent I was neglecting my al pastor taco in order to take notes (why did I think I could eat tacos and take notes at the same time?) he politely ate it for me. Then we headed down to Mi Grullense in the Goodwill parking lot where he got the cabeza and I went for the tripas (he politely held the tripas taco for me until the interview was over and I could eat it). Chowing down on cabeza with the traffic whizzing by, he was a man in his element. And, for the record, he said the tacos at both trucks were great.

It’s good to know there’s someone in the television chef universe who appreciates good tacos…