As Issued Art + Design announces the opening reception for local art collective APPLESAUCE, June 28 at 7pm. Hailing from Southern California and pulling inspiration from its diverse sub cultures, Applesauce Industries is a multidisciplinary art collective with an intense mission to create inventive works that express perspectives on their daily lives and experiences. The exhibition will feature a broad range of styles and will showcase unique pieces that reflect the zeitgeist of Southern California.

Artists Desilu Muñoz, Paul Carrillo, Sifry Borrayo and Joe Goblyn met at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair where they germinated the idea for Applesauce. Always on the hunt for new creative outlets, there are no rules and no limits.
Reflecting this attitude, no single entity from the group is defined by a single art form. Each artist interacts with multiple mediums, but zines is the connecting medium that brings the collective together. The zines document the artists’ work in all the genres including photography, screen printing, watercolor, and illustration.

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