SAND ONE Presents “The Bottle Issue” Charity Event in DTLA

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One thing I like better than beer is a great cause. Come out and support an incredible one on Thursday, April 9 at Ebano’s Crossing ( during the Downtown LA Art Walk with the one-and-only SAND ONE (

The Intro opens March 28th ~ Beverly Hills

Exclave Gallery is proud to present its inaugural exhibition THE INTRO. This showing will signify the birth of Exclave Gallery and mark its position as Beverly Hills’ premier outpost of artistic subculture. THE INTRO is on view from March 28th to April 27th. The exhibition will be Exclave Gallery’s first public show and will feature 11 uniquely themed paintings by different artists.

Exclave Gallery was conceptualized from the raw and underexposed iterations of artistic expression generated from the narrowing chasm between the classical foundations of fine art and the contemporary explosion in street art. This burgeoning creativity that has been looking for it’s place in the art world now has a home in one of the most prestigious locales in the United States.

Featured artists for this opening: Sunny Phono, Steve Martinez, SINER, MACHO, Anthony Cox, TANK, BREK, PUNCH, Nathan Smith, DREYE and Teddy Kelly


Recap ~ “Ruin Value” Group Art Show


“Ruin Value” group art show curated by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo opened on January 3rd at Astroetic Studios.  The collection of artwork featured several prominent Los Angeles based artists and focused on “life spans” represented through photography, installations, and illustrations.

After climbing over 17 spiraling flights of stairs, we reached the hauntingly beautiful entrance decorated with funeral-style flowers lit by candles. The immediate cohesiveness of the show’s presentation and artwork was both chilling and alluring. We especially enjoyed Spanto’s photography, Johnny Vampotna’s Neon Scythe (above), Rick Rodney‘s stark photographs, Adam Villacin’s light box, and illustrations done by Nick Angelo.

The packed event had a line spilling out of the door all night. Tons of people eagerly awaited for their chance to get inside the one night only event. We couldn’t help but circle the gallery numerous times to get a closer look at each peice brought together by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture the evening. Select the “read more” link for a complete photo recap.


Into the Mystic Opens Tonight @ The dA Gallery

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Tonight you’re cordially invited to celebrate the life of Sandra “Maya” Campbell at The dA Gallery in Pomona. The show is packed with fantastic artists who have ben working around the clock to make this a unique memorial show. Artists on the bill include Chuck Taylor, Letter Cat Signs, Cat Cult, Dabs and Myla, Haunted Euth, Nic Nak and David Flores. This is a celebration of life you definitely don’t want to miss.

Recap: “All You Can Eat” from Sean Norvet


Stay Gallery hosted the opening of Sean Norvet‘s first solo show titled “All You Can Eat”.  We were able to get a peek inside of Norvet’s mind when we interviewed him last week, but he still managed to surpise and amaze the crowd with his fine artistry and craftsmanship.

The details that went into Norvet’s pieces were remarkable, each idea was full of inventiveness and executed perfectly. It was as if Norvet had a team of artists to complete the pieces, but Norvet did it all. From the giant oil paintings, to the lifelike taco plate (our favorite) and the life size sandwich shop, Norvet created a little world inside of Stay Gallery. A little world we highly suggest you check out. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture some of the evening. All You Can Eat is on display until the end of this month. Click the link below for more to eat.


Two Weeks of Art ~ Summer, 2014


If you’ve attended a graffiti event or underground art show in the past few years you’ve likely seen our event coverage editor, Erwin Recinos. Camera in hand, family in tow, he covers this city’s art scene relentlessly and with style, warmth, and passion. In this new feature, travel with Erwin across the city as he explores the events he covered for us over the last two weeks. Los Angeles is alive with graffiti, street, and underground art and this is one man’s visual diary.

“End of the Beginning” opens at The Seventh Letter Flagship Store on June 28th – TRAV opened his latest show “End of the Beginning” at the Seventh Letter Flagship Store back in late June with all new works. Stepping away from the graffiti style he is best known for, Trav’s latest paintings emphasize word play and contain elements of traditional sign painting and geometric patterns. The bright color schemes made the shapes, patterns, and words pop off the canvas in a typographic 3-D effect. To see more of TRAV’s work visit him @travmsk on Instagram.



|CH.R.O.M.E.| ENTER THE DARKNESS: Fire to the Prison Industrial Complex



This Saturday at Downtown LA punk space East 7th- art collective CH.R.O.M.E. presents new and neon work in resistance to the prison industrial complex.  Expect anti-authoritarian animated .gifs, black light printed matter, neon FTP installations, horror lighting and a goth DJ.

Saturday 7-11 PM. East 7th Warehouse, 1725 E. 7th St., Los Angeles CA 90021.

CH-R-O-M-E.NET | on Facebook | Press Release

Auctioneer Puts up “BANKSY LAX” Website

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The internet was atwitter today at the possibility of Banksy bringing his NYC outdoor ‘residency’ to Los Angeles. The speculation was furthered by a website that popped up,, and an instagram account featuring a particular Banksy work that was seen on the streets of LA a few years ago.

Turns out the site was registered by Julien’s Auctions, not Banksy, and is an attempt to hype the planned December auction of a work that Banksy stenciled in Los Angeles that was chiseled off the wall and will be sold to the highest bidder.

CASIS Mission Patch ARK1 ~ Shepard Fairey

Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair ~ Presented at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA


Last night was the opening of Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca. Photographer Desilu Munoz was there to document the opening night. The La Art Book Fair is free and will be open til this Sunday Only. Click the Link above for more details on the event. (Continued)

Thank You America ~ Los Feliz


Los Feliz ~ CA.

Photo: Joshua Lurie