Last weekend, Bad Mood Boutique celebrated one year in business with a group art show in the City of Long Beach. Shop Owner Amber Dominguez rounded up an interesting set of artists who were able to interpret the Bad Mood style into photos and artwork. Artists included Garrett McGurer, Joe Goblyn, Sifry Borrayo, Brian Hayashi, Paul Carrillo,  and Photographer Luixe. The show’s theme was centered around the photos that give Bad Mood their unique modern vintage image. Over the last year Amber Dominguez has built Bad Mood up to be one of Long Beach’s must-see stores. McGurer’s aka GRT MGR art pieces accentuated and illustrated vibrant fashion details into framed digital images. Brian Hayashi’s clever geometric mashups had people taking a closer look to identify the ancient hieroglyphic patterns. Watercolor illustrations done by Joe Goblyn created a dream-like look to the photos and gave the impression of a cool fall day. Photographer Luixe’s works commanded your eyes to see the delicate ambient light sources used to warmly light the vintage looks put together with original pieces from the Bad Mood Collection. The photos were so finely executed you thought you were looking back into the 70’s. The party was a hit, the dj was hot and the drinks were cold. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to celebrate and document the evening click the link for more photos of the art, the crowd, and the vibes…

bad-mood-anniversary-party-la-taco-2 bad-mood-anniversary-party-la-taco-9 bad-mood-anniversary-party-la-taco-10

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