Our very own burger expert in the land of tacos, Ali Khan, travels all over LA to find you the best burgers you may have missed, the burgers that won’t get written up in the fancy blogs and in LA Magazine, the hamburger sandwiches that give you bang for your burger buck. 

While some may balk at the idea of driving to the SGV for an affordable burger, the hunger driven Los Angeleno in the know, knows that a Valley Boulevard pilgrimage is a once month minimum necessity. No stranger to value, the Bahn Mi joints that litter Valley Boulevard clock in prices that make laudromats jealous. Burgers and More is no exception to the trend, coming in with hefty burgers, plenty of indulgent options like pastrami, chili, bacon and avocado and still reins it in at around $5.


You know a place is cheap when the steak comes in under $7. You also know a place is cheap when they have a faded yellow menu like the one above. Maybe it’s because I’m old, but this vintage menu makes me feel good inside, and keep in mind this place takes plastic – cash only joints take notice.


Even the large handed man will find this burger to be more than satisfying.


Bite after bite was a perfect combination of wonderfully charred fast food burger patty, crunch of shredded iceberg and onion, tang of fine house 1000 island and a damn decent bun. No this is not a gourmet burger, and that is exactly why it is so good. It’s like the Whopper of your dreams should your local Burger King obtain considerably fresher ingredients and put serious care and effort into the burger assembly.


The bottom line: Double cheese – $4.99 with tax, you really do not need fries and they bring it out to your table. For admirers of the now closed Molly’s, this burger is right up your alley, for the fan’s of Ricks Drive in and out, there is a new player in the game.


The next time I see this sign, I’m going single burger rather than double and pairing the burger with their acclaimed lengua tacos.