Los Angeles is lucky to have the other coolest city on the planet as our sister city. If you’ve been to Berlin in the last few years, you know the city is an endless parade of art, music, creativity, and freedom. To celebrate, the city of Berlin is hosting what amounts to a pop-up city experience here in Los Angeles. It’s a free two-day festival called Berlin Lab and it all starts tonight. Get a taste of Berlin from music to art to technology and culture with programming that includes live music, discussions, demonstrations and much more.

The best way to get started is to visit this website which has details on all the various events and programming happening over the next couple of days.

About ‘Berlin Lab’
‘Berlin Lab’ is is a dynamic opportunity to absorb the spirit of one of the world’s most progressive cities, without leaving Los Angeles. Serving as a hub for creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs alike to freely express themselves, ‘Berlin Lab’ aims to unite attendees to collectively share their experiences of freedom by inviting the Los Angeles community to discover Berlin and further strengthen the bond between both cities through this two-day festival.

About be Berlin
be Berlin is the state’s official signet and the communicative brand to promote the German capital on a regional, national and international stage.

All information about the event and additional information on the 50th anniversary of the Sister Cities can be found at www.berlin-losangeles.com, the digital home of the sister cities and the meeting place of Berliners and Angelenos – events and stories, told by interesting personalities from the arts, culture, music, business, food, and film.