The graffiti scene in Los Angeles has one constant, and that is change. New writers come and go, old heads fade away or resurface, youngsters become OGs. Tragedies happen, people pass away, but legends never die. Since we started publishing this site, different types and styles of graffiti have been refined and invented, and “street art” along with murals have become creative forces in the city of Los Angeles. But through all of that, graffiti is still graffiti and its still the true heart of our city’s art scene, creating a free, illegal gallery on our city’s walls, overpasses, billboards, and public surfaces.

The trends we’re seeing this year so far include OGs bursting back onto the scene with aggressive moves in hot spots, new writers putting in work all over the city, and writers looking for unique spots and spaces to make their mark on the city. There is no specific trend in lettering or color styles, as usual it depends on the writer, his mood, and the spot itself. It’s been particularly interesting to see the infamous CHAKA LOD back on city streets, and to see his writing evolve and transform.

In terms of characters, no new ones have really jumped out, it’s all about the lettering right now, although the return of Mr Bonkers is a welcome site that’s been seen on a few box trucks and other spots. We’re hearing rumors about some big crew walls that will be produced later this year, those are always worth checking out because they allow like-minded writers to get down in the same space in a big way, usually with the freedom of time that leads to additional creativity.
If you’re a writer or thinking of learning, our friends at Bombing Science have a huge selection of graffiti supplies at They helped bring you this post, from the photographer Alexander the Greatest of them All, which a selection of the best graffiti produced in L.A. this year so far… enjoy these photos from writers like CHAKA, BUGE, MERCH, MUMBL and more…