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L.A. TACO’s own Erwin Recinos recently had a chance to catch up with Big Sleeps K2S and talked about his travels, the shop he currently stays at on Fairfax and (of course) his favorite taco spot.

You’re transforming this area with your presence. Give us some insight on what you’re doing on Fairfax in your new studio.
It’s more of a private studio, by appointments only. This is my headquarters for tattooing and working on other projects. Currently I have a collection dropping with Famous Stars & Straps this month. Just trying to start the year out strong.

Since it’s 2014 I decided to take down the collab mural in the back of the shop with Defer (click here). What we have going up now is a lil’ bit similar to what we had before but with more hand-styles. I decided to bring in more people to bless the walls for us, like Cale, Axis and of course it wouldn’t be the same without Defer.

You mentioned earlier that you’ll be traveling soon. Where will you be going?
I’m heading out to Philadelphia at the end of the month. Taking off to Brighton, England. Then Detroit and making my way back home to tattoo for a bit. Then off again to Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Switzerland.

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Are you going to be apart of the Con Safos show coming up at the end of the month?
I have a few pieces for the show. I am working on a t-shirt design for the show, will have some books and some merch also.

When do you have private time with your busy schedule?
At this moment, this is my private time. It’s my get away were I can do what I want. No one is dictating what type of work or telling me to change this or that. I’m in the zone of trying to do 100% me.

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Introduce me to the gentleman at your shop today.
I have here with me Cale K2S. Tattooing as we speak is Edgar Aguirre, my travel partner for now. And also Big Wacks came to talk about a book he’s dropping, Real Street Letras, a very strong book coming out real soon. Another lettering guy from the neighborhood to look out for.

Finally, the real question. Where’s you favorite taco spot right now?
Right now it’s Fiesta Martin Mexican Grill on La Brea. Tacos de papa and frijole and all that. Second choice is Don Antonio’s in Pico Blvd in West LA.

Any last words for our LATACO readers.
I’d like to personally thank all my followers on Instagram and other social media outlets for supporting me in my art and travels. Stay tuned for more exciting things coming very soon this year. Peace out, BIG SLEEPS.

For more about Big Sleeps visit LettersToLiveBy.com. Keep up with Big Sleeps and his travels via IG @bigsleeps.