Book of the Year ~ L.A. Son by Roi Choi


Los Angeles is home to many amazing chefs, and for a big city a surprising number of them are home grown. Some great chefs and great people, to be sure, but none of them really speak to us the way Roy Choi does. On a personal level, we’ve always been proud of being (we think) the first blog to cover the Kogi BBQ truck almost exactly 5 years ago. Here’s what we wrote at the time:

Is there anything more Los Angeles then a Korean BBQ Taco Truck that cruises the streets delivering high quality cuisine to the city’s taco lifestyle hubs? We salute the Kogi truck and hope it is the inspiration for many more…


The Charles Bukowski Tapes

French director Barbet Schroeder directed the Bukowski film Barfly, starring Mickey Rourke, from a script written by the poet laureate of the drunks himself. The film has its fans and detractors, but one interesting thing for Bukowski lovers are the nearly three hours of tapes that Shroeder recorded in 52 short interviews done in 1987. The entire thing, which as also released as a documentary, was posted to Youtube earlier this year. Part of the interviews were conducted while driving around LA– for you newcomers or youngsters, check out what the city looked like in the late 80′s. We haven’t watched much of it yet, but if anyone finds a reference to tacos, which Buk supposedly loved, please let us know.

Artist to Perform Bukowski’s POST OFFICE in entirety at Downtown L.A. Post Office

Tim Youd typing
Tim Youd has been performing literary classics in site-specific locations in a unique project he calls “regional conceptualism”.   Starting this week on Wednesday the 17th,  he will perform Charles Bukowski‘s POST OFFICE in its entirety at the location in which the novel takes place: the Downtown Los Angeles Terminal Annex Post Office.
Here’s an excerpt from the novel’s first page:
It began as a mistake.

It was Christmas season and I learned from the drunk up the hill, who did the trick every Christmas, that they would hire damned near anybody, and so I went and the next thing I knew I had this leather sack on my back and was hiking around at my leisure. What a job, I thought. Soft! They only gave you a block or two and if you managed to finish, the regular carrier would give you another block to carry, or maybe you’d go back in and the soup would give you another, but you just took your time and shoved those Xmas cards in the slots.


Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair ~ Presented at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA


Last night was the opening of Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca. Photographer Desilu Munoz was there to document the opening night. The La Art Book Fair is free and will be open til this Sunday Only. Click the Link above for more details on the event. (Continued)

JOSE FEVER Opening Reception @ Espacio 1839 ~ Friday, October 5th in Boyle Heights

Radio Sombra, Imix Bookstore, Teocintli & Discos Inmigrantes invites you to
the Grand Opening of ESPACIO 1839 with the Opening Reception of JOSE FEVER


Aaron Rose’s Fire Sale ~ Known Gallery

Aaron Rose’s Fire Sale (Vice interview) was on display this weekend at Known Gallery. The wait in line to enter this event and take a look at the goodies was 20 to 30 minutes and everything going fast. Posters, zines, skate decks, original photos, sneakers, audio equipment, blank tapes to CD’s were all up for grabs. This exhibit will be up til July 28th so get over to Known and see what’s left from this sale.


Every Man is My Enemy ~ Skinner

It’s only February but the book of 2012 may already be decided. Featuring 172 pages and over 250 illustrations and photographs, “Every Man is my Enemy” is a landmark achievement of beautiful depravity. Get it at Zero Friends before it sells out!

Barrio Calligraphy by Romotsky

The book Barrio Calligraphy is long out of print, and only 300 copies were made the first time around, so Wave Manual‘s S. Rodriguez scanned some pages for your viewing pleasure. The entire site is on flickr, check out a few samples above and below. Click for larger images.

The complete volume is also available as a downloadable PDF, along with more info on the original book.


Designer Con 2011 ~ Pasadena


Slake No. 3 Launch Party ~ August 26th

Slake: Los Angeles is throwing a bash in Atwater to celebrate the release of SLAKE No. 3: “War and Peace”. The party will feature food from the Ludotruck and Let’s Be Frank, beer from Strand Brewing, and free joe all night long from Handsome Coffee. Music will be provided by Ojo. More info and tickets available here.

If you don’t know Slake, let them explain better then we could:

Slake: Los Angeles, the quarterly reader cofounded by former L.A. Weekly editors Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa, is devoted to the endangered art of deeply reported narrative journalism and the kind of polished essay, memoir, fiction, poetry, and profile writing that is disappearing in a world of instant takes and unfiltered opinion. Slake marks a return to storytelling.

Slake No.3 “War and Peace” examines conflict from the perspectives of soldiers, survivors, bounty hunters, tweakers, surfers, and more. It’s available at select newsstands and online now.

Los Angeles Alleys: the exhibition ~ Los Angeles

In conjunction with the recent release of Los Angeles Alleys: The Book, we are pleased to announce that selected works from this website are now on display at Groundwork Coffee, an art house/cafe at 108 W. 2nd St. (though the entrance is on Main Street) in Downtown L.A.

The exhibit is slated to run through May and a special reception will be held May 12 to coincide with the Downtown Art Walk. Starting at 6:30, come out and see the works of art, say hi and meet some of the photographers whose great work will be on display.

Groundwork Coffee
108 W 2nd St # 107
Los Angeles, CA 90012-1585
(213) 620-9668