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Yesterday El Tapatio Market in Bell Gardens, southeast of downtown Los Angeles, hosted an onsite installation for one day only featuring the work of contemporary artist Patrick Martinez (LA TACO interview). Families strolling the aisles shopping for tortillas, soda, and vegetables were confronted with the subtle surrealism of Patrick’s neon and mixed media installations. Designed to blend in with the store’s existing displays and yet stand out due to the ironic messaging or juxtaposition with the banal surrealism of everyday life,  the installations were noticed and commented on by some bemused shoppers, and photographed by art fans who trickled in during the day and arrived in larger numbers at night. The tremendous success of the installation as a work of art, and as a unique way to showcase both one artists’ vision, will hopefully inspire others in Los Angeles to think outside white gallery walls.

Patrick’s work is slated to be exhibited in an upcoming show titled “Buy Now Cry Later” at Public Functionary Museum in Minnesota this November. All photos by Erwin Recinos.

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