Sean Norvet is an Artist/Illustrator hailing from the wonderful land of Los Angeles. Norvet’s paintings are executed with oils on panels, his unique approach to expressing his thoughts on the media-saturated, commercialized environment we inhabit today has an interesting twist most wouldn’t think to illustrate. His paintings and sculptures are  distinct with detail and vibrancy.

L.A. Taco’s Desilu had a chance to get to know Sean Norvet and to ask him a few questions about his work and living in Los Angeles, including (of course) his favorite taco spot. Sean has been an artist for years and has been in several group shows,  his first upcoming solo show “All You Can Eat” opens this Friday at Stay Gallery. Keep reading for the full interview and a show preview…

What part of Los Angeles did you grow up in?

My family lived in Santa Monica when I was really young, then we moved out towards the LA/Ventura County line to the suburbs of Agoura Hills. I grew up mostly out there until we moved out further into the valley in the Canoga Park area.

Do you find that Los Angeles inspires some of your work?

LA definitely inspires me in certain ways. Growing up it was mostly LA’s surf and skate culture that really got my attention. The artwork and graphics in the culture had a huge impact on me from an early age.


What is one of your favorite things about Los Angeles?

How close we are to different climates. The beach, snow, desert, and forest. Pretty awesome.

Living in such a diverse city with so many little neighborhoods and personalities is there anything you dislike about Los Angeles?

Besides traffic, summer heat in the valley around 1-2pm is kind of ridiculous.

Can you tell our readers a bit about what inspires your work?

Things that I find funny or interesting inspire my work. Random people I see, certain foods, storefronts, Guy Fieri, and horror movies to name a few.

Where did the title “All You Can Eat” come from?

The title is used to define an atmosphere that most of us deal with on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to reveal individuals as the sum of what they consume; the food, information, memories, fantasies, regrets, and nonsense we each are bombarded with constantly. Nowadays we have so much information at our fingertips that we don’t know what to do with it all. We’re given all we can eat.

After your opening will you be working on any upcoming projects?

I have some group shows and commissions lined up right now. That should keep me busy for a bit.


Do you have a favorite Artist?

There’s too many to decide, but one of my favorites right now is probably Peter Saul.

What’s your favorite Taco spot and what kind of taco do you get?

I’m torn between Taco Reyes and King Taco. Either place, I’m getting carnitas and asada.