Mahfood Taco ~ Jim Mahfood Gets Down at Grand Park

Follow Jim Mahfood aka Foodone as he creates a painting he donated during the LA Taco event held on April 5th 2014 in Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles. Also featuring artist Vyal One. Music by Fat Larry’s Band. Filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern.

Recap: Taco Madness Presented by Groupon

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A fine day was had by all at Grand Park on April 5th for Taco Madness Presented by Groupon, the culmination of our month-long bracket style tournament to determine the LA’s favorite taco of 2014. The sun was hot, the lines were long, and the micheladas were flowing. As many as 5,000 people filled the park all day long and enjoyed tacos, music, and art. The winner of the online vote was El Coraloense, an inventive seafood spot featuring ceviches, tacos and more in two locations in Downey and Bell Gardens. Above, brother and sister team Leo and Natalie Curie pick up their award on stage as artist Mear One paints in the background. Photos by Erwin Recinos & Desilu Munoz..


My Favorite Taco with BIG SLEEPS

LA TACO recently asked BIG SLEEPS about his favorite taco in LA. Here’s what he had to say:
“My fav taco spot is FIESTA MARTIN, 1330 N. La Brea, Inglewood, CA 90302.” Check out some of the artist’s incredible work below before you go.

Interview with Van Saro


You know a Van Saro piece when you see one. Combining traditional elements of graffiti with photo-realism and traditional portraiture, his pieces comprise a totally original aesthetic, while also telling a story about Los Angeles and the world. Were so excited that Van Saro will be painting live at Taco Madness 2014!

Favorite taco spot and favorite taco?

Peñas Tacos y Marisco — the asada is my favorite.


Interview with L.A. Artist CODAK


Adam “CODAK” Smith will be painting live at Taco Madness on April 5th in Downtown Los Angeles. As part of our series with all of the artists from the event, please enjoy this interview with Adam conducted by Andrew Bangs…

The home studio of Artist and designer Adam Smith aka C/O/D/A/K sits on a humble stretch of Fair Oaks Avenue in Altadena, with the beautiful and imposing San Gabriel mountains looming in the background. Behind his living space is a 4000 sq. ft. lot — a junkyard landscape of building materials, car parts, appliances and detritus where Smith can paint and practice freely.

“I’m a fucking hermit, dude,” Smith says. ”This is where I’m at, all the time. I stay within my little neighborhood.”

It’s a space that suits his life and his painting, and that for the past few years has allowed him to create, gestate, and contemplate the directions his work will take him.

What brought you to Los Angeles?


The “N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton” Movie is Holding Open Auditions, But They’ve Already Begun on YouTube


This weekend, Producer Ice Cube and Director F. Gary Gray’s N.W.A. biopic will be holding open auditions for the roles of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. The auditions take place in Gardena on Sunday at Noon (complete flyer/info below), but they’ve already begun on YouTube from when the film was announced last year. Either the producers haven’t bothered with YouTube, or (more likely) they weren’t blown away by anything they saw. We went through a few pages of YouTube auditions to give you a sense of what’s out there. Based on what we’ve seen today, the hardest role to cast may end up being Dre.


Oscar on Hollywood Blvd. ~ Photographs by Tom Andrews


Our favorite living street photographer, Tom Andrews, sends this dispatch from the streets of Hollywood, where Oscar is being installed. Meanwhile, a tuxedoed man stalks the boulevard, four days early and a short-skirted reporter gets ready for the big day…


Interview with Sticky Rick, Godfather of the L.A. Art Sticker Scene

The Godfather of LA’s vibrant sticker art scene is STICKY RICK. Learn more about this behind-the-scenes don in LA’s art world with this exclusive interview by RYO1. He talks about how he got the business off the ground, what projects he’s working on and of course his favorite taco spot.


Video Interview With Legendary Freestyle MC Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL is an all time legend in the world of freestyle hiphop, and has performed in front of millions of people worldwide. On August 5, 2006, Supernatural set a new world record for the longest continuous freestyle rap at the Rock The Bells Festival in San Bernardino, CA. where he rapped for 9 hours and 15minutes. Here he speaks with RYO1 exclusively for L.A. Taco about his life in hip hop, his latest music and of course his favorite taco spot…


Interview with Big Sleeps

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L.A. TACO’s own Erwin Recinos recently had a chance to catch up with Big Sleeps K2S and talked about his travels, the shop he currently stays at on Fairfax and (of course) his favorite taco spot.

You’re transforming this area with your presence. Give us some insight on what you’re doing on Fairfax in your new studio.
It’s more of a private studio, by appointments only. This is my headquarters for tattooing and working on other projects. Currently I have a collection dropping with Famous Stars & Straps this month. Just trying to start the year out strong.

Since it’s 2014 I decided to take down the collab mural in the back of the shop with Defer (click here). What we have going up now is a lil’ bit similar to what we had before but with more hand-styles. I decided to bring in more people to bless the walls for us, like Cale, Axis and of course it wouldn’t be the same without Defer.


Interview with Mike Krim of PAPERWORK NYC


PAPERWORK  NYC creates limited edition magazines such as Bitch Magnet, Rozes are Red, and Babes: A Collection of Naughty Girls. The publishing house is run by Mike Krim, a Southern Californian living and working in Brooklyn, New York. His photos and zines have captivated us for the past few years and after a long hunt we tracked him down to conduct this email on subjects like Los Angeles, Rachel Roze, fishing, and more…

What’s your favorite taco spot?
Roze’s Taqueria they have these really amazing plump tacos haha. But if I’m dining out, Cactus on Vine has some great Al Pastor.

When did you start taking photographs? When did you know it was something you had to do?
I started taking photos of my friends and associates graffiti at the age of 13. Around 18 I got more into contemporary art photography due to everyone starting to dabble in drugs and other crazy shit. As soon as that happened it’s only a matter of time before all the clothes fall off, the ladies start doing back bends and handstands, the homies start flashing weapons and doing stupid stuff and then the magic goes down haha. I always have a camera and lucky for me I’ve managed to be in the right place at the right moment most of the time.