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This Friday 7:30 at Superchief Gallery in Downtown L.A. Mr VOID (Ruidoson, Tijuana) of Los Macuanos (currently being celebrated as the Mexican Kraftwerk) is doing a special performance / re-score of the 1980s Spanish slasher film PIECES.

The event will also feature some dystopian swap meet style tabling…

Pep Williams Shoots Chris Brown for Urban Ink Magazine


Pep Williams is one of our favorite L.A. photographers, and recently told us about the story of how he ended up shooting singer Chris Brown for the cover of Urban Ink magazine…


My Favorite Taco ~ FUZI UV-TPK


FUZI, famed graffiti/tattoo master of the ignorant style, is from Paris but has been visiting L.A. for personal, professional, and inspirational reasons for a minute now. On the Professional tip, on December 18th FUZI will be tattooing a handful of lucky people at a special location in the city of Los Angeles. Yeah, ignorant Xmas is real. A couple of spots are still available, email to inquire.

It’s been a busy end of 2013 for FUZI– recent tattoo clients include Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice, Kavinsky and Kevin Lyons; FUZI’s art exhibition, Devoration, opened in Paris on December 5th. So where does FUZI get his inspiration? What does he think of LA? Does he like tacos? Read on…

You’ve been coming to L.A. on the regular for a while now. When did you first come to L.A. and what were your first impressions?
I first visited L.A. to visit Zio. She showed me all sides of L.A.—from eating foie gras cotton candy at the Bazaar to visiting Bukowski’s childhood home in Mid-City to exploring the cement banks of the river in downtown and everything in between. My first impression was that it was huge, sunny, relaxed, and totally different from European cities. It’s such a unique place, and I fell in love with the lifestyle and architecture. I’ve been lucky to be able to visit a lot of times since then, and each time I discover something new.

Who or what in L.A. inspires you?
I am really intrigued by all of the different cultures, particularly cholo style and gang graffiti. I also like DEFER’s style, which is rooted in this culture, but taken to a different level. Estevan Oriol is an inspiration—not only for his photography and style, but for his work ethic. L.A. authors like Bukowski and Bret Easton Ellis have also influenced my work at times. And I’m really inspired by the ambience in downtown L.A.


Jose Romero’s Dodger Stadium Cranium Tattoo



Jose Romero posted this on Twitter a couple of days ago “Ready for the Playoffs”. The tattoo work was done by Killer Tattoos in Pomona.

Video Interview with Charlie Roberts of Spotlight Tattoo

Established in 1982, Spotlight Tattoo is an American Tattoo Institution. Get to know one of the founders, Charlie Roberts in this video interview by RYO1 of Ghetto Dojo and LA TACO.

DRACO ~ Venice


Venice ~ Los Angeles

Giant One by Sean Desmond ~ Interview

A stop motion video of Mike Giant painting on Haight Street in 2011. Over the course of the video he talks about his career as a writer, from his initial inspiration to where he is today, 22 years later.

The World Is Yours ~ Downtown

Cochon 555 ~ Downtown L.A.

Artist Profile: Joby Cummings ~ Los Angeles

Joby Cummings is a graphic, visual, toy, and tattoo artist who works at Freak Chic Tattoo on Melrose. Click on each image below to see the larger version.

Pick One ~ Los Angeles

Photo by Jennifer Lynn

LA Man Gets Sunglasses Tattooed on Face

Flickr User Matthew G15 has updated his photostream to show off his latest tattoo, which is a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, complete with tint, on his face.