Walpa D’Mark A Jindo Understands 2, 2102.

COAGULA CURATORIAL is pleased to present 4 new exhibits in the gallery’s main & basement spaces. On the main floor is “New Work” by 2 emerging Los Angeles artists: Walpa D’Mark & Tati Luboviski-Acosta. Also in the main gallery will be “Birthing Rite”, a 5-part mural installation by Renée Fox. Expressions of femaile sensuality, ideal beauty and the sterotypical feminine are common components of Fox’s work that speak to the artist’s interpretations and reflections of what “feminine” and “beauty” are.

In the basement gallery is “La Senorita of the River of our Lady, Queen of Porciuncula, the Gambling Boat of the LA River”. This show explores mysterious remnants from a river gambling boat found near the confluence of the LA River and the Pacific Ocean. These artists help to re-imagine bits and pieces from the casino on that ship.

Featured artists: Margaret Adachi, Captain Dan aka Dan Van Clapp, Margaret Garcia, Kenneth O. Fry, Amy Inouye, Ric Marin as the pit boss…, Barry Markowitz, Michael C. McMillen, Tim Quinn, Stuart Rapeport, Tim Spain, Lisa Worksman

Renee Fox

These exhibits run through January 13, 2013.

Tati Luboviski Acosta

Opening Receptions for these 4 exhibits:



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