The Cypher Effect is a long-running web series that promotes underground hip hop here in LA and soon worldwide. Check out their videos above, and learn more about the project in this Q&A with JDS Films

What is the Cypher Effect?
The Cypher Effect is a series created by JDS Films to help promote the Underground Hip Hop scene. We hold cypher sessions where each emcee can showcase themselves, network with other artists and reach a new audience. We promote artists music videos, new mixtapes and albums, as well as assist with bookings and music video production.

Do you have a favorite line or bar from the series so far?
There’s so many! I would have to say some of the first ones to come to mind from the very first session .. ” So fuck a comparison, thats embarrassing. I put MC’s to sleep like mixing Gin with Claritin ” – Trew Uno.

Who are the breakout rappers from the Cypher Effect?
We’ve had many emcees come through that continue to put a lot of work out there. Klassy and Vel the Wonder made their first video appearance ever with The Cypher Effect. Self Provoked, Phora, Reverie and The Cloudmakers along with many other talented emcees.

Where do you get the beats?
We receive submissions from Producers to feature their beats on our sessions.

What’s next for the Cypher Effect?
We are traveling outside of LA to bring brand new faces from other cities. Hitting other cities around LA as well as San Diego, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, San Francisco and then make the jump to other states.

We have partnered up with groups outside of the US to showcase emcees from other countries. We had the pleasure of featuring sessions from France and the UK. You can expect sessions from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Japan and Canada soon .

We want to show the diversity of each city, and help emcees network at a larger scale.

We started an Artist Development program, assisting emcees with their upcoming projects. We are currently working with a young talented emcee named Klassy.

We have Beat Cyphers in the works to showcase producers, as well as planning the next Live Event with Big Lyrik Entertainment. The last one held in October with KRS One was a great success, and we hope to make the next one even more memorable.

Our goal is to continue doing our part in helping put the spotlight back on the underground hip hop scene.


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