Dave’s Burgers ~ 3396 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807 ~ (562) 424-3340

It’s burger time! At Dave’s Burgers it’s always time to eat. They are located on Atlantic Ave. a stone throw East of the 405 Fwy in a gas station parking lot. Don’t let the diesel fumes deter you. It’s not all that scenic here (unless you like watching people fill up with gas), but the picnic benches, umbrellas, and smoky grill help to turn this otherwise barren filling station into a beloved shelter from the internecine tug of war in the trench of the 405. So take a load off, let go of the road, and saddle up to this 50’s era burger shack, for here is the only fuel you’ll need to make it home well fed and in one piece.


What’s to eat at Dave’s? Notice you won’t find fries, or beer on tap. This hut is a scaled down operation, a one room super grill only serving up what comes naturally to a burger or grilled dog. Like the fresh food economy of a taco truck, the limited supply meeting a high rate of consumption keeps the product moving and the produce fresh. Some people swear by the patty melt, others forgo cattle for a turkey burger; however, if you’re thinking about a grilled dog- don’t think twice, it’s alright.


Dave’s is family owned and operated by genuinely friendly people. There’s not a lot of room to maneuver in the kitchen, so it helps that everybody gets along. Ask anybody with a big family- a busy kitchen will quickly find you between a rock and a hard place. This grill is not a stuffy place, and when the cold winds blow the warmest spot to be is up against the grill.


Now the part we’ve all been waiting for- the grilled dog with cheese, onion, and pickles. There are more extras if you like, but how much more do you need? How much more can you even load onto a dog when it shows up like this! It’s like a double dog burger- two dogs split and grilled, topped with queso americano. This grilled dog brings mouthfuls of joy to dog lovers the world ’round.


Ready to go in the time it takes to re-fuel your Greyhound. Hit the road; and, “Take it easy, but take it.”