Found in Los Angeles


A collection of items found in real life and online, sourced from Imgur, Craig’s List, Reddit, local blogs, etc. Found something interesting? Let us know

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Found on Craig’s List.


Hollywood Hills After the Storm


Photo by Tom Andrews.

The L.A. Night Photography of Jim Lembeck


Jim Lembeck takes photos of Los Angeles at night, and posts them on his site as “YOU SEE LA”. The collection of images grows every night by just one shot, so check back nightly for new ones. Please enjoy a selection of our favorite images so far, along with the photographer’s description of his own work…


10 Years in Los Angeles ~ Photography by Kwasi boyd-bouldin


Kwasi boyd-bouldin has lived in and photographed Los Angeles for over 10 years. His new project, the Los Angeles Recording, seeks to document his city, from Downtown to Hollywood over that period. Kwasi focuses on architecture, the small details of urban life, and the contrasts between soaring towers and daily pedestrian life. We asked him for 10 photos, one for each year to help show the scope and style of the archive.
From the project description:

GIF of the Day: Los Angeles at Night in 1985

Reddit user /u/BigMurph26 made this gif from the 1985 film Chronos (YouTube embed below).


Lakers 3 Point Chime Sound Revealed

What’s the chiming sound they play at Staples Center when the L.A. Lakers score a three pointers? It’s the same type of sound as the famed “Westminster Chime“, which according to Wikipedia  is the most common name for a melody used by a set of clock bells to chime on each quarter hour. The number of chime sets matches the number of quarter hours that have passed. It is also known as the Westminster Chimes, or theCambridge Chimes from its place of origin, the church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge.

But the specific version the Lakers use is from the opening of 90’s tune “Workaholic” buy 2 Unlimited. Peep the video above if you don’t believe it. How was this tone selected? We’d love to find out– does anyone know someone at Staples Center or AEG?

“Lon Asgeles” Sweater ~ Iraq


The above photo caught our eye in recent coverage of the battle between the Iraqi Army and ISIS (formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq) for the city of Falluja, Iraq. What a bizarre concept for a knockoff sports logo– Giants colors and “Lon Asgeles”. You can see the same fighter with some comrades in a different photo from the same day, below.

Who makes these and why? Is it just a typo that got made into a sweater and mass produced somewhere?


Skyline from the 4th St. Bridge ~ Los Angeles


Photo by Alexander the Great (FLICKR / INSTAGRAM ). Click for a larger version. Keep reading for archival photos of the bridge.


The Fog ~ Hollywood

Hollywood Palms With Morning Fog #1

PHOTO by TOM ANDREWS. Click for the larger version.


New Mural: We Are Still Here ~ Obey Giant

ObeyGiant (1 of 10)

Earlier this month, LA TACO’s Erwin Recinos captured some progress shots of a recent mural turning up on Main Street & Winston in Indian Alley last Thursday afternoon. This mural is based on a photo essay by photographer Aaron Huey– click here to see more of his photos.


Map of Dodger Stadium Proposal in 1957


USC recently released this map from the Doheny Library. It’s from the original proposal for Dodger Stadium, and contains some interesting period details, such as the proposed “Riverside Freeway” south of the stadium, which is what the 5 Freeway is now except north of the stadium. First spotted at, which has a bunch of other cool details. Below, see a contemporary map of roughly the same area.