It was not your typical, lazy Sunday afternoon. Not with the help of the first annual Diversion. Nestled in the heart of Downtown’s Arts District was a celebration unlike any other. All made possible by the highly regarded LA promoter Protoype, Diversion sought to provide their unparalleled underground, industrial atmosphere in the form of their first outdoor block party.


In keeping with Protoype’s customary fashion of booking only the best, Diversion’s lineup featured a wide array from the world of electronic music. Inside the dimly lit Lot 613, Far Away DJs Cooper Saver and Jen Ferrer delivered a back-to-back set featuring vocal house records as well as nostalgic Disco relics.


The main stage hosted the LA production collective Droog as well as the versatile Danny Daze, who spun a Detroit tech-house set amidst an ever-blazing sunset backdrop. Bulgarian techno maestro KiNK followed shortly thereafter, performing his well-renowned live show with a charisma that infected the dance floor, bringing the crowd to their knees.


To bring the night to a sad close, Berlin-born Dixon executed a two-hour musical journey ranging from ambient melodies to hard-hitting techno cuts, further exhibiting why he has been repeatedly hailed as one of the best house and techno DJs in the world.

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