East L.A.s very own É Arenas (Eduardo Arenas), also known as the bassist and a founding member of Chicano Batman. has a new two song EP that comes out on 2/2 on streaming and 45.

Its called Mar Iguana and the single is about an iguana marina that loves to smoke weed, but is worried about friends who are in jail for weed-related crimes. In other words, a highly relatable iguana, the kind of iguana youd invite to a BBQ in your backyard. The kind of iguana you can kick it with and talk about your plans for the future, your hopes and dreams, but also the latest neighborhood chisme.

The song is a Quebradita (meaning ‘little break’), a music + dance style meant for celebration, characterized by upbeat rhythms and electric bass/tecnobanda, and is usually performed at backyard parties. Eduardo has been attending (and playing) backyard parties his whole life, so its cool to hear a tune that fits into that environment.

You can experience the tunes for yourself in person with the record release party, this Friday at the Moroccan Lounge downtown. É and other cool folks will be there, so come on by. If you have a pet iguana, make sure to bring it along.