Preview: C.Finley at Superchief Gallery ~ Opens March 21st


Superchief Gallery is very proud to present The Divine Distractions- a solo show by C. Finley, running from March 21st – April 4th.

The entire warehouse gallery will be taken over by her large scale, vibrant and beautiful psychedelic images of women in classic, divine poses. Paintings that are 12ft tall and one that is 48 feet wide, we’ve never shared something on this scale, you’d be foolish to miss this installation.

Preview: Mear One “Urban Analog: The Monotype Collection 2003-2009″ ~ Opens Saturday at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice


This Saturday at C.A.V.E. Gallery, artist Mear One will present monotypes from 2003-2009. You could call this a retrospective, but the themes Mear focused on in that period are just as relevant to Los Angeles today. Unlike many in the street-art world, Mear’s success hasn’t changed his political outlook or desire to make change in the world through his art. Keep reading for some more preview images, the artist’s statement, and a video of the process.


Artist Statement
This series of monotypes titled Urban Analogue by MEAR ONE was created over a seven year period between 2003-2009 with the late great Southern California master printer, Pat Merrill. Each work from this series is unique. They are based on the artist’s subconscious exploration of his everyday structural and psychological environment growing up on the streets of LA. The spontaneous and liberating process of experimentation and execution inherent in this art form allows ad-libs of thought and subversive irony to flourish and which feature prominently in these works. Though more like his Live Art (see Live Art Retrospective) than his Graffiti or Tagger Art, MEAR ONE draws from both practices to bring to this series a certain energy, speed, and fluidity from the streets that translate into remarkable movement, texture, and abstraction onto the surface.

“As an artist one of the many interesting aspects of this personal journey is the ability to explore different mediums, and a great teacher recognizes these abilities and helps you do exactly that. Pat Merrill understood my natural affinity for the graphic arts and language that resonated seamlessly with monotyping. In printmaking you have to think outside of the normal realm of color, shape, shadow, and light gradients because everything becomes limited and decisive. Pat confronted me with several technical challenges, stripping me down of my traditional process, providing a new palette and tools, which in this case gave birth to the discovery of mark-making by scraping and removing as opposed to adding and applying. Through this reductive process I recognized in this medium something special and unique unto itself that even my studio paintings could not achieve.

Art In Response To A World Gone Mad

It was only when I accepted it couldn’t be like my paintings, that I decided to make my printing reflect my process. With finished works you don’t want to show people your process, but if the intention IS the process itself then it suddenly makes the work far more exciting. And that’s exactly the point. If I’ve created something new and unique that no one was expecting, and that isn’t necessarily referenced by me, then I’ve done my job. Otherwise everything becomes a monotonous montage of what you are used to and nothing sticks out, nothing is spectacular. But Pat was insistent that I get outside of myself, find new ways of doing what I already knew so well, if only to renew and refresh the spirit.

Pat Merrill was a master printer, artist, curator, teacher, scholar, philosopher, Vietnam veteran, a critical mind, an advocate for the peace movement. We shared similar worldviews that allowed us to vibe off one another throughout the creation of this series, and in many ways that dialogue is captured in this work. The end result, what it does for me as an artist, when I come back to my paintings it amazingly improves my realism, my structural design, or my understanding of the physical form so that there exists a symbiotic relationship wherein one supports the other. When Pat passed in 2010 he left behind this legacy of discovery. With the recent passing of another great master printer, Richard Duardo, a huge hole in Los Angeles culture was exposed and it is to these great teachers I dedicate this exhibition.” – MEAR ONE


Out of Body ~ Underground Dance Music at Complex in Glendale this Weekend

OB#2_Poster (1) (1)


Event Link:

Tortas+Art+Music+Craft Beer: MAN ONE Mural Unveiling at La Chuperia ~ Lincoln Heights


What if I told you there’s an old school spot on the Eastside combining my four loves—tortas, street art, music and craft beer all in one place? Would you believe me? You should.

The Torta Spot in Lincoln Heights is flipping the script by continuing it’s tradition of serving up some of the tastiest tortas in the city (since 1990) and supporting dope local art. What’s new? Well, they are now offering an inspired selection of craft brews through it’s newest incarnation: La Chuperia (Spanish for “the drinking place” or “a place to get your sip on”).

DJ Dodger Stadium Live at KXSC FEST this Weekend at USC



KXSC FEST is free with an RSVP ( which is required to enter campus. Parking info, etc. is all available here: (

Gabriel Kahane “The Ambassador” ~ This Weekend

“Gabriel Kahane’s lilting, lyrical, loving art songs… deserves a spot on a bookshelf dedicated to LA.” – LA Observed
In singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane’s landmark collaboration with Tony-winning director John Tiffany, time—both real and imagined— is suspended, as we are drawn into a dreamlike experience of Los Angeles that spans Hollywood’s Golden Age to a post-flood apocalypse.


An Evening With ABSTRAKTO ~ Thursday


ABSTRAKTO is vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of the multi-Grammy-winning group Ozomatli, and music producer / actor Balthazar Getty. Keep reading for some music videos and more info…


Tina Lugo at Mishka ~ Friday, February 20th


This Friday, February 20th Мишка Los Angeles will be featuring artist Tina Lugo at their shop on La Brea. Lugo — born and still living in Bronx, New York, has a sexually charged and very dark sense of humor. Her love for cartoons informs all of her work, and she cites Takashi Murakami, Toshio Saeki, Hanna Barbera, Henry Darger and Japanese animation as influences. Her art subverts both erotica, which we expect to be transgressive, and what are usually considered innocuous forms of art and entertainment that actually carry sexual undertones. In Lugo’s violent world, chicks bleed candy and horny devils tease terribly tumescent men. Check out a couple examples:


Daedelus // Zeroh // Boogie ~ Live in Concert at the Echo 2/12


One of the Dons of the LA underground, Daedelus, will be joined by two of this city’s hottest young rappers– Zeroh and Boogie. One night only, at the Echo. Hosted by Versis and presented by the Passion of the Weiss, which has all the info right here.

818 Art Show ~ Feb 12th


The Valley doesn’t care if you don’t know what’s up; the 818 lives by its own rules. This time out it’s SFC ACID’s CD release party, a performance from Stanley Vaughn, and art from 10 up-and-coming artists.This monthly art & dance party happens every 2nd Thursday of the month. Facebook Event info.


Video: “OBSESSED” opens Feb. 7th (Tonight!)

This Saturday, on the edge of downtown Los Angeles, is the opening of “OBSESSED” featuring new works by HUFER & Kimberly Barrios. A promo video put together by videographer Landon Taylor displays Hufer One painting a wall at the location of the show. Sadly it appears the wall has already been buffed by the city, only a few days before the slated night of the exhibit. Hufer says “I have to look at the positives and move forward. When you show up to Obsessed this Saturday, the wall will not be blank…”