The Taco Madness Party is This Sunday


L.A. Taco and Red Bull LAX want you to come party with us this Sunday at Villain’s Tavern, and celebrate everything that’s great about Los Angeles! Our day party will have some of L.A.’s best taco trucks all in one place for your purchasing pleasure (bring cash and cards and your appetite).

We’ve curated a list that includes many of the finalists and semi-finalists of Taco Madness including 3 of the final 4! We will also have live art, DJs, and general good daytime vibes in the Cali sunshine. All the info is below…

Remember– you MUST have a ticket to get in.


Long Beach Zine Fest! ~ Free Event this Sunday

The Long Beach Zine Fest is a one-day free event promoting zines and zine culture and will be the first independent-publishing expo of its kind in the city. The festival will bring together more than 100 writers, designers, cartoonists, photographers, artists, and DIY advocates from Long Beach and
surrounding cities who believe in the power of print as a viable artistic medium in today’s web-centric

L.A. Taco is proud to announce that we’ll have a table at this event thanks to our Events photographer Erwin Recinos who self publishes as “Metro Anonymous“. Make sure you stop by his table and say hello while you browse through our latest publications. Other table’s we’re looking forward to checking out are As Issued, La Chamba Press, Applesauce Industries, Sleep Talk Press, Valerie J. Bower, and Yvette Aispuro. Remember the event is all ages and free from 11am to 5pm this Sunday! 


SAND ONE Presents “The Bottle Issue” Charity Event in DTLA

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One thing I like better than beer is a great cause. Come out and support an incredible one on Thursday, April 9 at Ebano’s Crossing ( during the Downtown LA Art Walk with the one-and-only SAND ONE (

Your Guide to the Do Lab at Coachella 2015


The Do Lab, for the uninitiated, is a semi-autonomous region of Coachella where freaks can get freaky, where genre is meaningless, and where bass will be dropped, repeatedly, without pause. Coachella as a festival has added a lot through the years, including expanded VIP areas, gourmet food and drinks, cell reception and WiFi, and thousands of other things, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the Do Lab. With deep roots in Los Angeles, the Do Lab is a local treasure that is also responsible for other events, and festivals like Lightning in a Bottle. Above you can see the lineup for both weekends of Coachella, and below are our picks for each weekend.


Fucking Art Show: Art by Baka & Friends ~ April 4th


One-Night Only Exhibition – New Works by Lluy Rodrigues, Quam Odunsi & Joshua Wynn Gibson ~ Saturday, April 04, 2015

Redact Whatever Is Privilege-FLYERV2

Night of Art & Comedy

Featuring the artwork of Lluy Rodrigues, Quam Odunsi and Joshua Gibson

Comedy by Franklin Marshall Robert Chambers @NinaDaniels Jake Weisman Laurie Kilmartin.

**Comedy show starts at 8pm sharp. Art show exhibition on display and open for viewing through out the evening. Drinks and music following comedy show.

The event takes place at Joshua Gibson live/work ‘ THE GIBSON’ space to promote artists working in ALL MEDIAS


dublab’s annual Creative Cultivation Fundraiser Salon is happening on April 2nd 7-11pm at JF Chen in Hollywood. 
Music by Devendra Banhart, Josiah Steinbrick, Carlos Niño, GB and Mas Exitos + Art from Tanya Aguiñiga & JF Chen Collection.

“What We Do Is Secret” ~ opens March 28th


Stone Malone Gallery presents What We Do Is Secret. The aerosol spray can. An object that can convey beauty, expression, and rebellion. An invaluable tool to the artist, it is one of the most versatile weapons in the world. We invite you to participate in a unique group exhibition that will feature work from new emerging talents as well as established artists from all over the world.


Preview: C.Finley at Superchief Gallery ~ Opens March 21st


Superchief Gallery is very proud to present The Divine Distractions- a solo show by C. Finley, running from March 21st – April 4th.

The entire warehouse gallery will be taken over by her large scale, vibrant and beautiful psychedelic images of women in classic, divine poses. Paintings that are 12ft tall and one that is 48 feet wide, we’ve never shared something on this scale, you’d be foolish to miss this installation.

Preview: Mear One “Urban Analog: The Monotype Collection 2003-2009″ ~ Opens Saturday at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice


This Saturday at C.A.V.E. Gallery, artist Mear One will present monotypes from 2003-2009. You could call this a retrospective, but the themes Mear focused on in that period are just as relevant to Los Angeles today. Unlike many in the street-art world, Mear’s success hasn’t changed his political outlook or desire to make change in the world through his art. Keep reading for some more preview images, the artist’s statement, and a video of the process.


Artist Statement
This series of monotypes titled Urban Analogue by MEAR ONE was created over a seven year period between 2003-2009 with the late great Southern California master printer, Pat Merrill. Each work from this series is unique. They are based on the artist’s subconscious exploration of his everyday structural and psychological environment growing up on the streets of LA. The spontaneous and liberating process of experimentation and execution inherent in this art form allows ad-libs of thought and subversive irony to flourish and which feature prominently in these works. Though more like his Live Art (see Live Art Retrospective) than his Graffiti or Tagger Art, MEAR ONE draws from both practices to bring to this series a certain energy, speed, and fluidity from the streets that translate into remarkable movement, texture, and abstraction onto the surface.

“As an artist one of the many interesting aspects of this personal journey is the ability to explore different mediums, and a great teacher recognizes these abilities and helps you do exactly that. Pat Merrill understood my natural affinity for the graphic arts and language that resonated seamlessly with monotyping. In printmaking you have to think outside of the normal realm of color, shape, shadow, and light gradients because everything becomes limited and decisive. Pat confronted me with several technical challenges, stripping me down of my traditional process, providing a new palette and tools, which in this case gave birth to the discovery of mark-making by scraping and removing as opposed to adding and applying. Through this reductive process I recognized in this medium something special and unique unto itself that even my studio paintings could not achieve.

Art In Response To A World Gone Mad

It was only when I accepted it couldn’t be like my paintings, that I decided to make my printing reflect my process. With finished works you don’t want to show people your process, but if the intention IS the process itself then it suddenly makes the work far more exciting. And that’s exactly the point. If I’ve created something new and unique that no one was expecting, and that isn’t necessarily referenced by me, then I’ve done my job. Otherwise everything becomes a monotonous montage of what you are used to and nothing sticks out, nothing is spectacular. But Pat was insistent that I get outside of myself, find new ways of doing what I already knew so well, if only to renew and refresh the spirit.

Pat Merrill was a master printer, artist, curator, teacher, scholar, philosopher, Vietnam veteran, a critical mind, an advocate for the peace movement. We shared similar worldviews that allowed us to vibe off one another throughout the creation of this series, and in many ways that dialogue is captured in this work. The end result, what it does for me as an artist, when I come back to my paintings it amazingly improves my realism, my structural design, or my understanding of the physical form so that there exists a symbiotic relationship wherein one supports the other. When Pat passed in 2010 he left behind this legacy of discovery. With the recent passing of another great master printer, Richard Duardo, a huge hole in Los Angeles culture was exposed and it is to these great teachers I dedicate this exhibition.” – MEAR ONE


Out of Body ~ Underground Dance Music at Complex in Glendale this Weekend

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Event Link: