Space Gallery – 250 West Second Street, Pomona CA. 91766

Opening Reception Hours: 6pm-11pm with performances by Beat Cinema

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Opening this Saturday night at Space Gallery in Pomona will be the “FILM IS NOT DEAD” group photography exhibit brought to you by Bloody Gums Collective. Based out of the Inland Empire the Bloody Gums Collectives aims to showcase an eclectic group of film photographers showing their best work. Everything in the show will have been shot with some form of film hence the titled “Film is Not Dead” which is an on-going movement based on promoting film photography to keep it alive. Photographers in the show include: Ian Campbell, Andrea Sonnenberg, Paul Carrillo, kAPpy, Larsen Sotelo, Kevin Novales, Andrew Quesada, Jordan Burgundy, Sifry Borrayo, Joe Goblyn, Desilu Muñoz, and Vivian Moreno. Below is a statement and video released by the collective.

What can we possibly mean by the title “Film is not Dead”? When someone mutters, “film is dead”, we can’t take this as a description of a present reality. It’s not as though film has already assimilated with the void, banished into the no-place from whence it came. Instead, when we hear “film is dead” we should admit that the murder is in progress. The utterance is itself the executioner. Likewise our affirmation conveys its own sorcery. This is a spiritual work, not necromancy, but something else, the obverse of a death dealing blow—a life giving tug.

The sacred character of a photographer’s negative remains as a last vestige of orthodoxy. The photographer isn’t only an artist, the photographer bears witness to a time and place, making the contingent and localized flow of lives and matter into a timeless testimony of a world that once existed. A pristine negative is divine, a brief glimpse into a real that was, a piece of omniscience

Statement written by Anthony Morreale