Mapache Jewelry and the band Brainstory presents an event inspired by oldies music and unrequited love. A night where you can dance to songs of the past and remember lost loved ones. Saturday, November 26 at 9pm at the First Street Pool & Billiards 1906 E. 1st in Boyle Heights, Mapache Jewelry will release a jewelry collection called “Ghostlovers” accompanied by an oldies set by Brainstory and friends, featuring acts like Rudy De Anda, members of Chicano Batman, Buyepongo and Quitapenas just to name a few.


The Ghostlovers concept represents the haunting pain that ex-lovers leave imprinted on the lives of their beloved. The live music curated by the band Brainstory, a trio from the Inland Empire who are deeply rooted in the burgeoning latin music scene, will feature the acts named above for a special, one night only, collaboration. The group will perform a set of classic soul oldies to commemorate the spirit of the evening.

In addition, El Oms, the artist responsible for the Arcs iconic “Put a Flower In Your Pocket” music video will DJ alongside the popular DJ Rosie of the Chulita Vinyl Club LA and Jason Correa of the Valley 818 Artist Group. We’re excited to know that there will be Live screen printing by Raymond of the infamous Hit + Run Crew.

With a stage full of talent, the night will surely be full of surprises.

Press Release Provided by Rochelle of Mapache Jewelry