This weekend, HARD SUMMER moves to a brand new location (Glen Helen Amphitheater & Regional Park) which looks to be a promising upgrade from the Fontana Speedway. Through the years, HARD has consistently brought interesting and legendary acts to the L.A. festival scene, and probably doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the unique mix they put together each year.  Look back just 7 years ago and the festival, at its old home of L.A. State Park, had M.I.A., N*E*R*D, Die Antwoord, and Flying Lotus headlining. While things have gotten more EDMish since then, there is always eclecticism and adventure, and this year there is especially good hip-hop. If you still don’t have tickets, there are limited passes available for $179. Here are our picks for what to see this weekend…

Snoop Dogg performing Doggystyle
Snoop Dogg is a legend, any chance you get to see him perform, whether it be at a large festival or some smaller venue, is a good time. Snoop Doggy Dogg performing Doggystyle will be a trip– think about the deep cuts on that album that will usually never make it into a Snoop show, and that he has probably rarely performed ever since the album came out decades ago. Hopefully he’ll bring some special guests like Kurupt with him as well. This will be both a party and a trip down memory lane for all involved. This year’s HARD is heavy on great hip-hop (Ty Dolla $ign, Migos, E-40 and many others are on the lineup) and this should be the best set of the weekend.


Anna Lunoe
Anna Lunoe is a force of nature, she always bring the party (see last year’s HARD headline slot) and always looks like she’s having the best time doing it. Her festival shows are some of the rare big DJ sets that both take you on a journey, drop some classic beats, and introduce you to new sounds. If you’re at this festival to dance this is going to the most fun party of the weekend.

Mobb Deep Tribute to Prodigy
The tragic loss of Prodigy means that instead of Mobb Deep performing, we’ll get to see a Prodigy tribute. The tribute includes a traditional set from Havoc of Mobb Deep joined by special guest performers and will feature a specially designed video presentation of memorials for Prodigy from around the world. A-Trak will also perform a tribute DJ set of classic NYC hip hop.

Ellen Allien
This German DJ has been one of the best experimental dance music producers for over a decade, and her shows in the LA area are rare. If you like getting trippy, this is where you want to be this weekend.

Tink is Timbaland’s latest find, he even set her up on a version of One in a Million, which may have been pointless but it did showcase Tink’s vocal abilities. This is one of the onely R&B sets at HARD Summer, it could be a nice change of pace.

London on da Track
No idea what his show will be like, he probably doesn’t have much of a DJ routine worked out yet, since he is mainly a producer, and he’ll probably go on pretty early but… if you’re a fan of Young Thug, you know that many of his very best tunes were produced by London on da Track. This should be a chance to hear some bangers along with some unreleased stuff, and whatever is brand new from Atlanta.

Brodinski is French and used to do sort of French house music stuff, but he moved to Atlanta and started making extremely hard hip-hop beats for up and coming rappers like  Hoodrich Pablo Juan. His last EP “Brain Disorder” was underrated, and brought a dark edge to the Atlanta sound. He should command the dance floor with tons of bass and menace, straddling the line between techno and hip-hop.

Top Photo by RUKES. Other photos courtesy HARD.