Coni’Seafood is both a restaurant and a school: it has educated so many people in the full glory of Mexican seafood. Its location near LAX means people from all over the county (and their out-of-town friends) who might not otherwise seek it out visit it as either an introduction to L.A. culture or a warm welcome back. Its aguachiles — raw shrimp served with citrus and a jalapeno-based green sauce — get photographed the most, and these wildly spicy wonders are worthy of their starring role. But the rest of the menu is just as wonderful, all unabashed flavors and almost suspiciously fresh-tasting ingredients. (It’s not suspicious, the restaurant just sources well.) Sit out in the courtyard, order the whole grilled fish served with taco fixins, crack open a beer, and have a proper L.A. kickback. —KS
3544 W. Imperial Highway, Inglewood
(310) 672-2339


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