Family, friends, and the Los Angeles cycling community are mourning the tragic death of 22-year-old Frederick R. Frazier, aka Woon, who was fatally struck by a car in South Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The car fled the scene and police are searching for the driver. South Traffic Division Captain Jonathan Tom tweeted an image of Frazier’s bike: half broken, missing handle bars and a wheel.

The fatal collision occurred at 1348 W. Manchester Avenue, Officer Lizeth Lomeli with the Los Angeles Police Department told LA Taco. Detectives are currently looking for the speeding suspect, who did not stop to help Frazier, according to a statement.


Edin Barrientos, who knew Frazier through a cycling group found out about his death through a message that said there were graphic images online of cyclist that had been run over and was bleeding out blood. Barrientos saw the bike in the images and although he could not see the rider’s face, he recognized Frazier’s bike.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” Barrientos told LA Taco. Once he saw a news report identifying Frazier, “it was very heartbreaking,” he said.

Barrientos is the leader of weekly Monday night ride in South Los Angeles that Frazier had been attending for a few years. The cyclist group is planning a memorial ride in honor of Frazier tonight followed by a protest for safer streets in front of City Hall at 11 p.m.

Woon. Image courtesy of Edin Barrientos.

The BikinginLA blog reports that Frazier’s death is the eights cyclist death this year in Los Angeles. Overall, eight deaths have happened in Los Angeles County so far this year.

The vehicle, believed to be a white Porsche Cayenne, collided with Frazier, at 12:47 p.m. The cyclist was transported to a local hospital. Officer Lomeli was not able to say whether victim died on scene.

Barrientos says Frazier always had a big smile and would always crack jokes.

“He would always be talkative to everyone,” Barrientos recalls of Frazier. “He would always be very welcoming … he had a great soul.”

“The whole bike scene — close friends or not — are saddened by all of this,” Barrientos added. “We’re all grieving.”

He said many people are angered by Frazier’s death.

Vigil Turns Violent

The next day Barrientos says a close friend of Frazier planned a vigil that began at Frazier’s house and ended at the scene of the hit and run. In a video circulating around social media, a group of cyclists are seen in the middle of the intersection next to where Frazier was hit as traffic is halted. A car then is seen speeding towards the cyclists and runs one person over.

The victim, Quatrell Stallings, is in the hospital suffering broken bones.

Barrientos was not present during the incident.

Officer Lomeli had no further information on the incident. There is a $50,000 reward for anyone with information that can help with the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

With the cyclist deaths occurring in Los Angeles, Barrientos is always looking behind his back for cars. “Road rage is so easy to ignite,” he said. “Especially for a cyclist, any little thing, you get a driver mad? That could mean your life.”

Barrientos said safer roads and justice is needed for Frazier. “I think we’ve had enough,” he said.

More information about the memorial ride and protest here.

This post has been updated with new information regarding memorial ride. 

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