Concrete Arbor ~ San Marino

Huntington Library & Gardens ~ 1151 Oxford Rd. ~ San Marino


Public Fruit Park ~ Del Aire

Fallen Fruit ~ Del Aire Park ~ 12601 S. Isis Avenue ~ Del Aire

Civic Art invites you to a tree-planting as part of the Del Aire Park civic art project commission with artist collective Fallen Fruit. Come and be a part of California’s first public fruit park!

Tujunga Wash ~ North Hollywood

Sherman Way ~ Tujunga Wash ~ It’s Earth Day Everyday ~ North Hollywood


Los Angeles Not Immune to Racial Disparity in Weed Busts

Pictured: Blackberry Kush

New York City has been in the news lately as the the pot-bust capital of the U.S.A., and data shows that NYC’s reputation for targeting racial minorities is real and quantifiable. In fact, over the last 15 years, more than 85 percent of the half-million-plus people charged with misdemeanor possession there have been black or Latino.

Recently, professor Jon Gettman decided to look at the numbers that NORML has been collecting for years, and discovered that in 2008 African-Americans were 12 percent of the U.S. population, but 31.6 percent of those arrested for pot possession in cases where race was reported to the FBI. (2008 is the most recent year for which detailed figures are available.)

So how does Los Angeles fare? Not well. According to NORML’s stats, in Los Angeles County, the arrest rate (as a % of population) for Marijuana possession by African-Americans is more than twice than whites. Put another way– despite being 8% of the population, African-Americans account for roughly 25% of all pot possession arrests. Slightly lower than the national average, but nothing to be proud of. You can view the stats for yourself here.

Timber ~ Claremont

John R. Rodman Arboretum ~ Grove House ~ Pitzer College ~ Claremont


Grey Green ~ The Palms

Palms Blvd. ~ The Palms

Garvey Ranch ~ Monterey Park

Garvey Ranch Park ~ Monterey Park

Following the Civil War, an Italian, Alessandro Repetto, purchased 5,000 acres (20 km2) of the rancho and built his ranch house on the hill overlooking his land, about a half-mile north of where Garfield Avenue crosses the Pomona Freeway, not far from where the Edison substation is now located on Garfield Avenue.

It was at this time, Richard Garvey, a mail rider for the U.S. Army whose route took him through Monterey Pass, a trail that is now Garvey Avenue, settled down in the King’s Hills. Garvey began developing the land by bringing in spring water from near the Hondo River and by constructing a 54-foot-high (16 m) dam to form Garvey Lake located where Garvey Ranch Park is now. To pay for his development and past debts, Garvey began selling portions of his property. In 1906, the first subdivision in the area, Ramona Acres (named after the developer’s daughter, who would also later inspire the title of the novel Ramona), was developed north of Garvey and east of Garfield Avenues.


Green Lab ~ Long Beach

Spring Street Farm ~Green Lab & Salvation Army ~ Long Beach Grows ~Spring St. & Elm Ave. ~ Long Beach


Tournament of Roses ~ Pasadena

Rose Parade ~ Pasadena


Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Fatal Car Accidents

Strawberry cough helps prevent deaths

A groundbreaking study by Dr. Daniel Rees has shown that fatal traffic accidents are reduced after a state legalizes medical marijuana. The drop was a significant 9% average across the board in states such as California. The essential finding of the study was that increased access to medical marijuana depresses the rate of drinking among 20-29 year olds. Alcohol is frequently cited as the major contributing factor to traffic fatalities, which are the leading cause of death in America for those aged 5-34. You can read more about the study here, or download and analyze the full paper for yourself here.

Phillips Mansion & Currier House ~ Spadra

Phillips Mansion & Currier House ~ Historical Society of Pomona ~ 2640 W. Pomona Blvd. ~ Pomona

In the memory of the pioneers who established the Spadra School District, originally San Jose School District, May 7, 1867. Here passed the trails of mission fathers, emigrants to California, and Butterfield Stage. Dedicated May 18, 1935