Looking to take your romance to the next level? Wanting to join the lonely hearts club or maybe just a hook up? Show your date or get in touch with your artistic side tonight at Subliminal Projects’ “We Are The Romantic Ones” a one night only group show curated by  INNOCNTS.

“Tonight we’ll be taking over @subliminalprojects for Valentine’s Day 7pm-10pm. Big one night only group show with tons of emotive work from some of our favorite people. Come solo or bring a date. Free drinks via @pbr_artto get ya loose while listening to some love tunes by @alfalpha. Special Hip Hop performance by @kapeesh2.0. Can’t wait to see ya there ❤❤❤// Epic vid 📹 by@bryan_peterson_ //#WeAreTheRomanticOnes #Innocnts @Innocnts


Derek Albeck, Evan Mendel, Alex Fatemi, Chase Wolcott, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Lola Rose Thompson, Chad Muska, Andrea Nakhla, Daniel Gibson, Leo Eguiarte, Demi Boelsterli, Kindah Khalidy, Valerie J. Bower, Kenny Myers, Marco Zamora, Jose Araujo, Bryan Peterson, Maxwell McMaster, Teague Muir, Murk Lurks, Sean Tully, Javier Ramirez, Curtis Scoville, Lyon Herron, Sterling Barlett, Luke Pelletier, Sic Kid, Jordan Bogash, Rye Purvis, Matt Borgia, Colby Rodgers, Bob Flowers, Ralph Silerio, Sam Smith, Dale Dreiling, Kevin Jansen, Sofia Enriquez, and maybe a few more.”