Kone is a producer from East Hollywood, CA who makes intriguing and unique beat-driven music that is released on Alpha Pup records. Even in LA’s incredibly diverse hip-hop scene, Kone is an iconoclast who leads and never follows. Today, just in time for Dia De Los Muertos & Hallowe’en, he gifts us with a free download of the track above: KONE O’ DEATH. We got the chance to do this quick Q&A with Kone, and started it off with our #1 question…

What’s your favorite taco?
Alright if I tell you guys you can’t all blow up my spot, ok? At 4th & Western in Koreatown there is a carwash, and inside this carwash is a taco stand called Crunchy Sea that makes hands down the best carwash fish taco you’ve ever had in your life. Make sure to get that chipotle salsa. Wash it down with a Thai iced tea.

Do you have a favorite hidden corner of LA?
Yup, the beach, but I can’t put those spots on blast.

Where in LA do you live, and why there?
East Hollywood. Over a decade on my block. I like it cuz we’re right in the thick of things, but still totally overlooked as far as being a “cool” neighborhood, which has allowed it to stay pretty damn legit. Legit meaning overrun with prostitutes.

What’s your favorite film of all time and why?
That’s tough, just one?! Well, not including original Star Wars trilogy, I’d have to say The Big Lebowski. It’s cinefilactic perfection. Or maybe it’s Cry-Baby… ?

What’s the best night out you’ve had in Los Angeles and where did you go? Who was with you?
Man… I’ve had so many magical nights in this city, but the BEST one hasn’t even happened yet. All the good ones end in tacos tho.

Who are the unknown/up-and-coming artists you think everyone should know about?
Let’s see… Walter Gross, Jincallo, Fat Albert Einstein, MAST, and The Koreatown Oddity. Look all those guys up.

Do you have a lucky number?

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