Meagan Boyd is an L.A. based painter whose work explores myth, fantasy, and the essential nature of the feminine, the animal, and the divine. Rendered in brilliant and unexpected color combinations, her paintings startle and then entrance. Boyd’s solo show, Neon Fauves, opens this weekend at Liemin Space. We caught up with Meagan via email to discuss L.A., tacos, and mystical experiences…

What’s your favorite place to get a taco? 
The Flaming Taco in Echo Park.

What makes you happy? 
Making art and being with my husband and cat.

What were you like in High School? 
Awkward, into art, and trying to figure out who I was. 

Tell us about the inspiration for Neon Fauves
This current exhibition is my exploration of the interconnectivity between animals, people, and nature and the invention of a personal mythology that re-invents old narratives and movements. 

What is your favorite place on earth and why?
Paris, because my life changed when I met my husband there. I met him on my second night there we fell in love pretty instantly and we ran away together 5 weeks later to L.A. and secretly married in Vegas. My time there was so magical and beautiful. I really miss it. 

What are your favorite animals?
I am a total cat lady at heart.

Do you have a lucky number?

Have you had a mystical or out of body experience? 
Many times during sex, on psychedelic drugs, or sometimes when I’m painting. 

What do you love about Los Angeles? What do you wish would change? 
I love Los Angeles. I have lived here on and off for about 9 years and no matter where I go, I always come back to it. I’ll miss it when I’m away for too long. I love that its near the beach, near the forest, near the desert, and that its got every kind of food you would ever want to eat. I love walking around the lake in Echo Park or strolling around Los Feliz and grabbing a good coffee from somewhere. I just feels like home to me. 

Got any shoutouts? 
I’m going to give a shout out to my husband, Chris Viner, who is a phenomenal writer! He has his first chapbook coming out this Fall called “Lemniscate”. It’s definitely worth a read!

Find Meagan Boyd on Instagram. Her online shop is here.

From the Gallery:
Leiminspace is proud to present Neon Fauves a solo exhibition by painter Meagan Boyd. The show opens on the evening of Saturday, August the 12th, 2017 at 443 Lei Min Way, in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Please join us for beverages and snacks at the opening reception from 7- 10 pm.

In Neon Fauves, LA-based artist Meagan Boyd exhibits a collection of vividly-pigmented paintings on canvas and paper. The paintings skillfully weave ancient and contemporary expressions of humans’ relationship with the occult. Godlike, often androgynous figures are poised before a pitch-black backdrop. While the flat and vacuous backgrounds evoke cave paintings and Grecian urns, Boyd regrounds her pieces in the present day with finely painted lines that are sharp and bright enough to compete with digital work. Her ultra-thin brushstrokes outline the flora and fauna that elegantly drape the floating deities. Owing to the flatness of their rendering, each image that festoons Boyd’s characters oscillates effortlessly between icon and beautifier. The tropically-clothed figures dance and embody incantations which whisper to their listeners that magic may still exist despite the iPhone age.