Ray Potes is one of our favorite photographers, he also happens to publish one of the most vital ‘zines in existence, the delightful Hamburger Eyes. He’s also a new resident of Los Angeles after many years in the Bay, and a childhood in San Diego. All the images in this piece are recent, and come from his diary-style blog, Ray’s Reports. We wanted to find out more about his zine, his move to LA, and his favorite place to get a taco…

What’s your favorite taco spot?

Del Taco.

What brought you to LA, and how do you like it so far?

I lost my studio in SF, so it felt like time to leave. I like LA a lot so far.

What were you like as a kid?

Mostly out with my friends skateboarding all day and all night.

Why did you start Hamburger Eyes? What keeps you going?

I was already making zines and they all had different names. I made one called “Hamburger Eyes” and for some weird reason it had a good response compared to all my other zines. So I kept it going. It’s the same reason I keep it going now haha. Since I moved to LA, I have put out at least 20 other zines, but Hamburger Eyes is the one people want.

Who do you consider to be the all-time great photographers?

All the classic guys from the classic era. Magnum guys. Robert Frank. Gary Winogrand. Etc.

When and where were you most happy?

For a long time, my happy place was in the darkroom processing a bunch of film I just shot. But now my happy place is printing out pages for my zines.

Do you have a lucky number?


What is your process like for creating a new issue, from start to finish?

It has evolved, but it is pretty easy actually. I go through the submissions and choose like 20 photographers or so. Then I see which ones whose photos will go together nicely into one whole issue. I loosely will put together like 4 or 5 issues at a time. Then fine tune them as it gets closer to time for printing.

Who are your top 5 rappers?

#1 goes to Tupac. Easy. The rest will take too long to think about.

We’re living in the golden age of ______________.

Technology vs Spirituality

Do you like hamburgers in real life? (question from my daughter)

Lol yes I do. Very much.

Do you have a personal credo?

Les doo dis.

The latest edition of Hamburger Eyes

What are your favorite publications besides your own?

National Geographic.

Got any shout outs?

Shout out to all the people whoever ever submitted photos. Shout out to all the people who have ever picked up an issue of Hamburger Eyes!

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