What’s your favorite taco?
Taco Bell and El Coyote.

You are an artist, a singer, a model, a businessperson and an icon. Which role is your favorite?
Dancing on top of my pink car.

What are your favorite parts of Los Angeles and why?
Everywhere I go becomes magical…

Which is the best Corvette you’ve owned?
Each new car becomes my new baby.

What attracted you to billboards?
Billboards were calling my name The bigger the better. I do well in huge sizes!

Do you believe in an afterlife?
When we die we go to an existence of pure good…perpetual good…only good…for good!!

Do you have a lucky number?
22, 444, 58, 57, a lot more numbers are lucky for me.

When and where were you most happy?
I’m happy all the time, but I’m especially happy when I’ve helped someone to become who they want to be.

As an L.A. native, you’ve seen the city change, what have we gained and lost?
LA will be infused with ANGELYNE good luck, as it transpires and transforms…

Especially with my billboard UP!!


💕 💕 Stream the new single, HEART by ANGELYNE below:

Tell us about your new single, “Heart”.
“HEART” is the sexiest song I’ve ever recorded. It borders on X rated!

How did you feel about the recent Hollywood Reporter article regarding your past?
The facts about my past are not entirely correct…

The writer had a hard on for it, thinking he got a scoop. Eventually, I will write my own story.

What are your favorite qualities in person?

Who is your hero?
My hero is BARBIE.

If you couldn’t be Angelyne, who would you most like to be?

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Photo Credit: Jessica Moncrief

ANGELYNE’S Vocals Were recorded by BIG ARM RECORDINGS.