Poesia Transcend is a Bay Area based artist pushing the limits of graffiti art both through his own work and with his influential website, This Friday he curates the Graffuturism show at Soze Gallery in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

What inspired you to create Graffuturism? Where do you want it to go?

Initially I started graffuturism to share work that I appreciated and talk to some artists that maybe didnt fit in the normal box of art. Now as it has grown I don’t feel that I need to push it into any one direction. It has always been organic and I would want it to remain growing wildly in whatever direction it wants.

In your opinion, what makes a successful gallery show?

Thats a tough question as this is my first time curating and I might not know the answer to that. I would hope that exhibition is able to bring a real and concrete experience to those that attend. Being a blog and sharing art through a computer screen, it is tough to show the reality of the artists’ work. This show allows us to share with LA the touch and feel of these artists from around the world. It is the only way to experience art and in this way I think it will be a success.

What is the thread that connects the artists in your LA Show on 12/14 at Soze Gallery?

I would say graffiti being a starting point for most of the artists if not all of them. Every artist has their own personal voice and aesthetic, yet their is an essence and soul, if you will, that graffiti as children or adults has left on us. I think old and new, the artists have that history in common even if the work has evolved and progressed into something new.

Raft of Medusa, Poesia Transcend, 2012

Who are some of the godfathers of graffuturism, and who are some of the newer artists to emerge?

I don’t know if there are any godfathers of graffuturism, as we are all on the same playing field being that it’s new. I would say of course some of the forefathers in the show that laid it down for us to be able to do this are Futura, Haze, Carlos Mare, Delta, West, Doze Green, and so on. We are lucky to have their work with us for this exhibition. Newcomers there are too many to list but pay attention to some of the names on this list as there is immense talent there.

Roids, Gary, Poesia. London 2012

What is the most important thing a young artist should be doing right now?

Not hesitating. Make sure to always move forward and work with action not always reacting to things.

What are the challenges when taking people known for outside walls into inside walls of a gallery space?

I don’t think there is to much of a challenge with going inside. Most of the artists in the show are very familiar with painting inside. I think it is important though for an exhibition like this to leave some outside work behind for any city we exhibit in. Being able to connect with the city and leave something behind is a key component of our artform. The show might come down but walls will remain there for years sometimes.

What is the place of Los Angeles in the cosmology of graffuturism?

I think LA is very progressive and home to some of the most recognized graffuturist artists. Having Soze Gallery be a spot in 2012 to host so many talented artists from graffuturism it was obvious that we should work together on a larger exhibition.

What’s your favorite taco spot?

Man, Tacos… being Hispanic myself, Tacos are a lifestyle with me. I haven’t had the chance to visit many LA taco spots yet but El 7 Mares on Cesar Chavez laid it down for sure.

Poesia x Kofie, Oakland 2011

When and where do you feel happiest?

While at work painting, pretty much the worst and best of times. But definitely the best.

Do you have a lucky number?


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