Zack Fox first came to our attention as Booty Math, an illustrator and comedian who created insane designs on his Tumblr and chaos on his Twitter. Since then he’s re-emerged as Zack Fox and has become an unstoppable force– creating memes, texting your exes, and acting in Flying Lotus’ debut feature film, KUSO. He’s also the comedian who had more jokes bitten and straight up stolen than any other person we know. We reached him while he relaxed at Chuck E. Cheese’s with a lukewarm cup of beer for this quick Q&A…

What’s your favorite taco spot?
Taco Zone.

What are your impressions of LA?
Just another shit town.

If you could design your own theme park, what would it have?
It would be a hole, it would be called “the fuckin hole” and people interpret the experience as they please. Some would jump in toward certain death and others would propose next to it like “hey this is my life without you please be my damn wife.”

How did you become Booty Math?
I typed in bootymath when asked to choose a twitter handle, I was watching spice world if that helps it feel special.

What was it like to work with Flying Lotus on “Kuso”?
I got to stare into George Clinton’s asshole, so pretty amazing. Lotus is a genius.

Are you happier when you are drawing, or causing chaos on the internet?
I’m happy when the beer foam swells ever so slightly above the rim of a pint glass forming this pillowy bulb of suds waiting to be sucked on.

What is your lucky number?
I’m scared to leave the house.

Gaga has her little monsters, what are your fans called?
The N-word.

Who have you influenced the most?

Top 5 animals?
Pup pup, froggy frog, eagle dingle, young bobby brown, alicia.

Describe your personal look.
Recently divorced alcoholic dad who will never see his children again as long as his bitch of an ex wife has breath in her lungs.

Do you plan out your illustrations in advance?
I just draw without thinking it’s therapy.

Are you superstitious?
Sometimes I think everyone can smell my nuts and sometimes when I see a serious accident happen on the highway I wonder if they smelled my nuts and lost control of the whip.

Got any shoutouts?

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