Artist Jim Mahfood is bringing back the self-published series that launched his career, GRRL Scouts, with a launch party for the new comic at A Shop Called Quest in Downtown LA. May 17, 7pm – 10pm.

Mahfood has been involved in some of the biggest titles in comics including Marvel’s X-Men Generation X, Kevin Smith’s Clerks comics, Ziggy Marley’s MarijuanaMan project, and most recently the new Tank Girl series: Everybody Loves Tank Girl.

But his hard core fans remember where it all began– a self-published series called GRRL SCOUTS. Mahfood has come a long way both personally and professionally since selling his home-made comic books at shops around the Midwest, where he grew up. 22 years later, Jim is firmly ensconced in Los Angeles, and has decided to release the next chapter of the GRRL SCOUTS through Image Comics. GRRL SCOUTS: Magic Socks will go on sale Wednesday, May 17 online and in stores all around the country.

To celebrate the launch, A Shop Called Quest in downtown Los Angeles is hosting the official book-signing and party from 7pm – 10pm. Be there! It will be a good time and you can meet the artist, and have fun. Check out these preview images of the new book below…