Two weeks ago, we ran a story about internet-based Dodgers fans going ga-ga over their new symbol of good luck, a beautiful young woman shown in the stands immediately prior to Yasiel Puig’s game-winning hit against the Phillies. Since then, the team has gone 9-3 and risen from almost last to almost first in the NL West.

We made note of the “creep factor”, which at times was quite high, among weirdos on the internet professing their love (and other comments) for a woman they don’t know, just because she happens to look amazing in Dodger Blue. A couple of days after the post, Lady Luck herself contacted us, saying she was flattered by the attention, and honored to be chosen as a sign of good luck for the Dodgers… and then she read some of the comments on various message boards and was, frankly, pretty skeeved out by some of them.

Upon further reflection, however, she decided the good was better than the bad and wanted us to let all Dodger fans know she loves the team, loves the fans, and her favorite taco is served at The Abbey on Robertson and Santa Monica. You can follow Lady Luck, real name Rochelle, on Instagram here: TannedandTraveled.