Last night the formerly woeful Dodgers reeled off their 6th win in a row against the Philadelphia Phillies. They did it in fine style too, with Cuban rookie phenom sensation Yasiel Puig driving home two runs in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Just before Puig’s game-winning hit, the TV cameras focused in on a beautiful woman in the crowd cheering for the Dodgers and for Puig. In the creepy way that only online message boards can deliver, this girl was immediately turned into the stuff of legend, christened “Lady Luck” and screencapped thousands of times by online admirers feeling great about the Dodgers and their incredible fans.

Who is Lady Luck? She didn’t ask to be the poster girl of a resurgent Dodger team, but if she’d like us to put a name to the face and nickname, please get in touch at and we’ll do the full story and find out her favorite taco spot in L.A.. In the meantime, here’s to hoping she’s back at the Stadium tonight and the Dodgers can make it 7 in a row. Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!