As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations, we’ve asked some noted artists to create original art celebrating some of the people and places that we love the most. The second edition comes from food artist Hawk Krall (who also did number one, Yuca’s). He’s created an illustration of famed Al Pastor truck Tacos Leo that parks on La Brea and Venice Blvd nightly.

We’ve loved Leo’s ever since they came on the scene, and filmed many of our most memorable Taco Truck Confessions there. There’s few places in LA that better show why the Taco Truck is the true melting pot of this city. Here’s the artist’s statement:

Leo’s looks like the sort of place that just defines Los Angeles Tacos. Philadelphia (where I’m from) has some good tacos, but nothing like this. The real deal Al-Pastor on a spit, shaved thin, from a crazy truck with a line snaking across the parking lot. Seems like a good argument for why LA is second only to Mexico as the taco capitol of the world.


Click for a larger version…

We are going to make very limited prints from this art series, if you’re interested to get on the waiting list please email