There is a bar in London, England, called Gangsters [Sic] Tequila Paradise. I would describe it to you, but perhaps it is best to let the establishment reveal its concept in its own words:

“Enter down a darkened staircase and get hit with a classic LCC vibe, inspired by Mexico’s second home, Down-town LA! Expect references to “ESE’s” and “Bloods & Crips”, a playful twist on gang life, with “gang sign” art work, “pimped out” sexy bandana clad graffiti girls, and even lumberjack shirt furnishings, (no doubt buttoned to the top!).

You’ll see graffiti-covered walls depicting gun-toting clown figures and mean cityscapes. The focus of the action remains at the bar where there’s hot contest for a stool seat. Expect to be “sippin” on “Gin and Juice”.”


And how, precisely, is this “playful twist on gang life”/crass commercialization (complete with chalk-like outlines) of gang culture and genuine human suffering on this side of the world being received in London?

Fluid London says: “Infamous for being one of the most impressive cocktail havens in London, Gangsters Tequila Paradise seems to house everything that LA vomited up. They’ve got bandana graffiti girls, ‘Bloods & Crips’ references and gang art furnishings.”

I see.

This morning, I wrote the owner of the bar on Twitter after a follower of mine identified him as J.J. Goodman.

I suppose we’ll have to see how that goes.