“For the last few years, we’ve hosted bands at various venues in the Los Angeles area. Some of our favorite bands feature accordion in their music. We thought the time was right to have one full weekend of accordion inspired music. Our appreciation and thanks to the bands who will help us discover why accordion music in the U.S. is experiencing renewed interest. With diverse styles such as Zydeco, Cajun, Tejano and alternative experimental, we look forward to promoting the rise of accordion music in the Los Angeles community.

Special thanks to our sponsors for helping make this festival possible: Fraternity of Eagles Aerie 2188, 1596 W. Yosemite Drive (at Townsend), Eagle Rock, CA 90041, 323-257-8869 Welcome Inn (Ray Patel), 1840 W. Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041, 323-256-1673  ACCORDION WORKSHOP – SATURDAY, MAY 31 12:00 TO 2:00 PM On Saturday, May 31, an Accordion Workshop will be held for those interested in learning more about the accordion. Otono Lujan of Conjunto Los Pochos and accordion instructor at the Eagle Rock Music Studio will conduct the workshop demonstrating the Three Button Row Accordion that is used in traditional Cajun, Tex-Mex and Zydeco music. Cost is $10 per person. Reserve your place by calling 323-246-8998 or by visiting