Let’s travel back in time down Los Angeles
When street vendors weren’t harassed for permits,
Taggers painted the city as their giant canvas,
And Our neighborhoods reflected individual heritage.
A time where diversity was welcomed for a split second
Right before the disappointing human race
gave us yet another reality check
I see homeless people left and right,
individuals moving in from across sides,
And an increased presence of people living below the poverty line.
Whether black or brown,
Gay or straight,
Muslim or Jewish,
From classification to classism,
We fall under only two categories:
It’s either the fucked or the entirely too rich.
Explain to me how I’m not supposed to feel worthless
When my very own existence brings down the property value of all nearby apartments?
Small businesses are being bought out and are replaced with hipsters,
Appropriating our culture,
and now claiming it as “stylish”
Who knew gentrification would go so well with their outfit?
I remember praying for the day when I would make it big
And no longer had to call South Central my home,
I guess that’s why they say you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone,
cause the sad truth is even the hood never belonged to us.
We’re only allowed here to pay rent,
But will never be allowed to forget who’s the actual homeowner,
Because we’ve been conditioned our entire existence
to 30-day Eviction notices.
See This is all just a big game of chess where we are the greatest pawns
And Los Angeles is now your go to thrift store,
Its sold at half price and then flipped for double with no refunds.
Imagine a drug deal between a business suit and a blue collar
Except I suggest you beware of the gun laying beneath the suitcase of dollars
And get ready to aim it for your head
Because were being robbed of our hope,
And it’s the only thing we have left.
I’m sorry but in what math class is 99 less than 1%?
We’re always left to come up with 99 solutions
For the 1 group causing the same problem across nations.
Even English professors forgot to describe the word’s “majority” exact definition
Then we wonder why most of our youth can barely even read below proficient.
Cause wtf are they even teaching us??
And our history lessons stated that color was the cause for segregation
But that explanation is only black and white,
Where are the gray areas for the Hispanics, Japanese, and Native Americans?
Or was that part whited out as well with the rest of the lies?
I think it’s safe to say that’s what happens when you lack an adequate education system
Because We’re Just another page ripped off the history books for not fitting the Caucasian description.
And we just sit here and watch as history repeats itself
Yet still act surprised at the lack of humanity within humans.
Organic food for thought is becoming deficient
Cause we’re too busy eating the genetically modified lies
for breakfast lunch and dinner from the media
Worried about everything else in the world
But can’t even stop to look at what’s right in front of us:
Wage gaps are increasing,
Our food is being poisoned,
The prison systems are growing,
And our very own homes are being stolen.
If you’re still unfamiliar with the term
Allow me to introduce you to the new Los Angeles:
The city of gentrification,
The new home for the powerfully rich vermin.