Kid Dickarus, or Birdly: I Tried A VR Bird Thing

Above: Birdly at a previous demonstration

Above: Birdly at a previous demonstration

Last weekend, as part of Sundance Next Fest (a film festival of, I guess, whatever movie’s playing next), LA Taco was able to wrangle me a spot to try Birdly, a flying video game (the creators call it installation art, but it’s a video game), where you strap an Oculus Rift to your head, climb yourself up onto a robot boogie board with flappy wings and a fan attached to it, and pretend to fly.

Seriously, check it out (I recommend you turn the volume way up on this one).

I got to the Theater at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, where the Birdly demo was being held in the early afternoon, before the actual movies started. The contraption was set up on the mezzanine off the lobby, where a gang of German nerds, who I mentally named: the Cool One, the Goatee One, the Girl One, and Herr 90s were running the machine. One by one, we got in line and strapped ourselves in for a couple minutes of flying around a virtual version of New York.

SAND ONE Presents “The Bottle Issue” Charity Event in DTLA

carbonacion (1)

One thing I like better than beer is a great cause. Come out and support an incredible one on Thursday, April 9 at Ebano’s Crossing ( during the Downtown LA Art Walk with the one-and-only SAND ONE (

Interview with Rafael Schacter, Author of the Amazing New Book: The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti


The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti  (Yale University Press; 9/3/13; 400 pages, 750 color illustrations, $35.00) by Rafael Schacter is perhaps the most extensive survey of contemporary global public art yet produced. We get sent a fair number of street art and graffiti books, but this one immediately caught our eye because of its high quality images, impressive writing and research, and truly global focus. If you want to know who, where, and why public art is one of the dominant cultural forms of expression in the world today, this book will educate and inspire.

First of all, thank you for doing this Q&A. The images and writing in the book are superb and I feel both inspired and educated after spending a couple of weeks with the book. What was your inspiration to create the World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti?

Thanks for the kind words! Our inspiration for creating the book was simple; to represent the huge diversity of work being produced within the remit of Independent Public Art today, from the most ostensibly “artistic” to the most seemingly “vandalistic”… plus everything in between. And we also wanted to give sufficient weight and respect to these artists works by having a fair text to image ratio. We didn’t want the book to focus on the ‘spectacular’ and be all about pretty images without sufficiently explaining the influences, the histories, and the themes of each artists discussed.


Agenda (Part Two) ~ Asphalt Yacht Club, Quintin Co, JSLV, Grenco Science, DimePiece, Chuck Originals, Rastaclat, Madekids, Olloclip


Asphalt Yacht Club is founded by pro skateboarder Stevie Williams, along with Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston, and Justin “Figgy” Figueroa. Amateur skaters on the AYC team include Riley Hawk, Derrick Wilson, Ben Nordberg, and Blake Carpenter. AYC combines skate culture, street style, and contemporary fashion into one. Inspiration for the clothing line is drawn from the diversity of its team members, the designs reflecting both the struggle to succeed and the luxuries of success.


Beastie Boys: Album Covers Through the Artist’s Voices ~ Juxtapoz

In conjunction with our very special June 2013 issue, Beastie Boys: A Visual History + Tribute to MCA, JUXTAPOZ brings you excerpts from some our interviews with Beastie album cover artists from Polly Wog Stew to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two!

Urban Legends ~ L.A. Mart Design Center

From the left: Estria, Vyal One, Judy Baca, Eriberto Oriol and Kent Twitchell

‘Urban Legends’ Public Art Exhibition opened at the LA Mart Design Center on the evening of Friday, April 27th. Featuring works representing traditional muralism, street, graffiti art, and sculptures by highly acclaimed and up-and-coming urban artists from around the world. Examples of works for auction include; limited edition serigraphs, original works of paint on canvas, original sketches used to develop murals commissioned by the 1984 Olympics commission; on behalf of worldwide superstar, Michael Jackson; and additional rare, historical collectibles representing muralism, street art and graffiti writers. Free admission to ‘Urban Legends’ will begin May 1st through the closing on Saturday, May 26.


Ya Heard Show Podcast: Enter the (Year of the) Dragon


Ya’ Heard Show‘s  first Episode of the Year is up. Check it on out HERE.


About Ya’ Heard Show Podcast:

YA’ HEARD brought to you by your hosts, kaNORitzy PeriwinkleShane Jessup, and Sket One, YA’ HEARD is a no-holds-barred look into the current state of the arts, the community, and all things ‘From the Street Up’. Covering a wide range of topics, YA’ HEARD will touch on the business side of art, politicin’, beef, style, technique, tools, exhibits, current events, designer toys, music, conventions, and much more in the manner you’d only expect from this group of artists that are living the life every day. Future episodes promise special guests ranging from fellow artists and designers to tastemakers and the usual haters.

Agenda Long Beach 2012 Recap


Dia de Los Muertos – Poster Art Show ~ FIND Art Magazine ~ Costa Mesa

Dia de Los Muertos – Poster Art Show ~ FIND Art Magazine ~ 1640 Superior Ave. ~ Costa Mesa

Soho Taco


Video Premiere: M.E.D. “Blaxican” ~ Stones Throw Records

Produced by Madlib, directed by Eric Coleman. MED’s album Classic is out now. Check it out here:

Homicide Cop’s Callous Tweets and the Power of Social Media

“Guess where I’m at??? It never ends”

That’s what @Lamudercop tweeted in the early morning on October 11th. Sal La Barbera, according to his google and twitter profiles, is a supervisor for the Criminal Gang/Homicide Division. Hes been with LAPD for 30 years, 24 of those with CGHD and is the current Squad Leader of FBI/LAPD SOS ll Homicide Task Force. A New York transplant, he’s also provided consulting to writers and film makers throughout Hollywood and appears on television regularly.

Everyone knows the life of a murder cop is tough, and no one expects them to be cuddly, but I’m baffled as to why he would tweet a picture of a recently deceased person lying on the street and not show even a shred of compassion for the person or their family. On the job, cynicism is to be expected, but the world of social media changes things as it becomes public.