Self-Help Graphics ~ 3802 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90063 ~ Music, art, farmer’s market, food, workshops, y mas! ~ 12PM-9PM

In the Mexica-Aztec calendar system, there are 18 periods in a solar year, each containing 20 days with a 5 1/4 transition days. It is Mexica tradition to end each year with reflection and meditation. Each year-name is formed with a number 1-13, followed by one of four signs: Tochtli (rabbit), Acatl (reed), Tecpatl (knife flint), and Calli (house). A ‘New Fire Ceremony’, a 12-day festival including fasting and sacrifice, is held every 52-years to welcome a new calendar cycle.


Self-Help’s celebration of the year Acatl begins at 12PM and goes until 9PM. A celebration for the whole family. This is the year of the Acatl (Reed), which has the themes of water, and beginnings (for example a sprout, the young, and seeds)…

We would like our little human sprouts to learn to appreciate their city, through inspiring ecological presentations, information, story telling, creative play, art, the history of Los Angeles and other local lands, the history of the Los Angeles River , and general themes of recycling and environment. As part of this year’s Mexica New Year celebration, we will create an impromptu farmers market of neighborhood growers. The South Central Farmers and Caracol Market have committed to providing the local selection of offerings for this year. An independently owned local restaurant will provide delicious lunches and dinners at a nominal fee.

Our main entertainment stage will be located in the parking lot, surrounded by vendor-booths of local artisans, visual artists and crafters. The entertainment program will feature eclectic performances of music, poetry and teatro. Already slated to appear are: Ollin, Jeninche & The Jaguars, Sirculo, Claudia Mercado, Humo Verde, Gabriela Medina, Teatro Chusma, Gerard Meraz, La Resistencia, Toks, Nuai, The Sirens, Culture of Rage, Milagro, Aztlan Nation, El Vuh and a few surprise guests.

The upstairs ballroom will host ecology related information tables, samplings, community resources, recycling opportunities, kids programming, a student artwork exhibit , the food court and family dining area.

A little drizzle of rain is expected—be sure to bring an umbrella!