Photo by Estevan Oriol

Aimee Josellia, also known as DJ IMI, is a strong presence in the Los Angeles music and arts scene. Known for her passion, soul, and beauty, Aimee will open the Strictly Grooves record gallery in Highland Park next month.

What’s your favorite taco?
Shrimp Tacos Dorados by far my favorite! I’m Always on the hunt for the west coast staple… With the goal to find the serious authentic “truth”! Trucks & hidden joints I’ve been to are in Norwalk & Boyle heights… Ummmm with perfectly spiced/seasoned shrimp & herbs & avocado & cream… All about that sauce!

Do you have a favorite unknown/obscure part of LA?
I consider Griffith Park to be a obscure place because I’ve discovered so many hidden spots in this urban park from training all 6 marathons I’ve completed in. That’s my meditation place… Where I’d like my ashes scattered when I leave my physical body. It’s a never ending beauty– LA should take advantage of! Up to you to find it!

Do you have a favorite club or party to play?
Favorite party? Funkmosphere.

Roy Ayers or Herbie Hancock?
At first I thought Herbie Hancock but I changed my mind. Roy Ayers.. On so many levels… “programmed for love” made me feel like the sexiest woman alive.

What’s your “go to” record to rock a party right now?
My favorite ” go to ” record will always be One Way’s “lets get together” 12″. It’ll never get old for me. But then again I When I DJ, I play whatever I want to hear… But always thinking about the poppers, funksters, gangsters, 2 steppers…

Who’s your favorite (visual) artist?
Estevan Oriol. I especially dig graf but so many artists to name!!!

Do you have a lucky number?
Lucky number 27 – cause growing up in class I was always on roll call sheet #27

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Photo by Estevan Oriol