What’s your favorite taco?
My favorite Taco’s are my mother’s chicken tacos.

What’s the last track/song you were listening too on your iPod?
Prototype by Andre 3000.

The Flow from your album Supreme is just angry! What inspired that track?
That was the first official single release from that album and from me period. So I wanted to display my talent and firmly introduce myself to the world as a new leader of my generation. That track was produced by Jansport J and the sample came from a Jehovah Witness Kingdom Song.

We met at Radio Futura in Pomona where you were slanging Just Cause. Great album! Who helped produce it and what’s your favorite track from that album?
With that album I was looking for a specific cohesive sound that flowed from track to track. Because of that, I chose to work with an limited amount of producers which included Jansport J, Salute The Gawd, Kaleem Wasif, and my close friend and main producer Ben Bauer. My favorite song from that album is ‘Dream (agape)’. I can see the “You gotta love yourself” part featured in a shoe commercial. Ha.

Be Still was released in October of last year. What were you expressing with this lastest release?
That purpose of that album was to get my generation to reacknowledge their souls. The reason why I named it ‘Be Still’ is because I believe before we can make any moves as a people we first have to stop what we are doing, go inside, and then find the right direction to go from that.

Right now I’m thinking of Lobster Talk off Just Cause,what’s the oddest job you ever had?
I don’t think I’ve ever had an odd job but I’ve worked at pretty much every type of job you can think of. Men’s Wearhouse, The Gap, Verizon, Best Buy, Red Lobster, and the list goes on. I hated them all. The Lobster was cool though.

Was it your intention of making Four Leaf Clover off Making Supreme such a short track? The track is sick!
All those tracks are short because I wanted to make sure that the focus was still on the release of ‘S U P R E M E’ that was put out the month after ‘MakingSupreme: The Appetizer’. The Appetizer was only put out for promotion of Supreme.

Favorite hip-hop album from the 90s?
Ready to Die by The Notorious B.I.G.
Changed my life.

What’s next for you? What should our readers look out from you?
What’s next is the release of the sequel of a Mixtape I releases last year. It will be called ‘Voicemail 2’ and should be out by the end of August. After that my 4th album will be released in December. Expect to see a lot of moves and collaborations in between that time from my camp Autocrat and my 5Town area.

Keep up with Keon Supreme on Twitter. Photos of Keon Supreme provided by Veronica Sequeira.