Rachel Roze is an artist who loves her adopted home town of Los Angeles and tries to capture its wild beauty through photography. Enjoy this selection of some of her recent images, combined with a quick interview that leads off with our all-important first question…

What’s your favorite taco?
My favorite Taco is an AL PASTOR taco from Cactus Taqueria or if I am on the westside Titos Tacos. And I will give a shout out to the taco truck on the corner of Beverly and Bernendo near my old apartment.

How did you become a photographer?
When I was growing up me and my girl friends would buy throw away cameras and play dress up and take pictures of each other (which I still do) but it wasn’t until I moved to LA that I realized how much I loved exploring new places and taking pictures of my surroundings. Also photographers would ask if they could photograph me and at times I would say yes in exchange for camera lessons and that definitely got me involved in photography more.

Who were some of the photographers who helped you out in the beginning?
Almost every photographer that I’ve worked with I learned something from but one of the photographers that really gave me hands on lessons was Jeffery Scott 1019, who taught me a lot of the technical side and post production. I learned a lot about meaning, imagination and detail from him. I think I also learned a lot from working with Eriberto Oriol, he sees beauty in what others see as ordinary and that is something people say I do too.

What’s your favorite part of LA?
I couldn’t tell you what my favorite part of LA is because every part has its good sides. I just love LA so much, I moved about 5 times within 4 years, everywhere from living on Hollywood blvd to Echo Park.

Who or what inspires you?
There are so many things/people that inspire me, which are reasons why I will never grow tired of taking photos. Right now there are 4 childhood movies I’ve been watching that are so visually inspiring to me. Specific movies inspire the hell out of me… right now it’s– Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), The Godfather, The Peanut Butter Solution, and Flashdance.