Born and raised in Los Angeles, Natalie Krim is an artist currently living and working in New York. Despite the fact that her drawings are much naughtier, her art is in fact partially inspired by her mother, who was a fashion illustrator for the Los Angeles Garment District (see example below in red and white). Natalie’s maternal Grandfather had a photography studio in Hollywood where he photographed people many 1960’s models and movie stars including Clark Gable. He even photographed the first Olympics in LA, photographs which remain family treasures. Natalie says she owes her style and creativity to her Angeleño forebearers, even though she’s lived in NYC since age 19.

The drawings here are all from Natalie’s latest ‘zine, “Babes. II”, which is a continuation of her zine, “Babes: a Collection of Naughty Girls”. You can preview and buy both from her website here. For the record, her favorite taco is Tito’s Tacos in Culver City.