The Gaslamp Killer has new music out today, an album called Instrumentalepathy that is sonically designed to blow minds. Featuring collaborations with Shigeto, Amir Yaghmai, Gonjasufi, and more, this record is by turns trippy, terrifying, soul-searching, and blissful. The two tracks with Amir Yaghmai seem to bring everything together, with distinct 60’s vibes that are both completely original and part of a classic tradition of instrumental jams that unite East and West.

Instrumentalepathy was recorded at GLK’s personal home studio in Los Angeles, among other locations, and was mastered this year with Daddy Kev at the Cosmic Zoo, and is released by Cuss Records.

Check out a unique audio / visual experience of Instrumentalepathy at Whitestone:

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Photo credit: Theo Jamison.


01 Pathetic Dreams [ft. Kid Moxie and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson]
02 Good Morning [ft. Gonjasufi]
03 Warm Wind (Frimpong) [ft. Amir Yaghmai]
04 Residual Tingles
05 The Butcher [ft. Mophono]
06 Friendship (Interlude)
07 Gammalaser Kill [ft. MRR and Malcolm Catto]
08 Life Guard Tower #22 [ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson]
09 Haleva [ft. Amir Yaghmai]
10 Listen for My Whistle
11 Shred You to Bits
12 In the Dark (Part Two) [ft. The Heliocentrics] (Bonus)